I Can Has Cheezburger?


12 tweet images of an owl being compared to an apple because they look alike | thumbnail is two memes saying 'When you give the bouncer a fake I.D.' and 'brother what have they done to you'

Apples Looking Just Like Owls: A Humorous Twitter Thread

Owl in one and one for owl.
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video of a bear eating a pile of apples | thumbnail includes a picture of a bear next to a pile of apples

Pawdorable Bear Causally Munching On A Pile Of Apples (Video)

Having the time of his life.
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At Least That's What Other Dogs Say

apple a day hotdog lol
Via Sir Tiffy-Cajun

Owl Let You Decide Which One Is the Bird and Which One Is the Apple

owl looks like an apple
Via StillbornFleshlight
samoyed instagram talking apple Video nom nom nom - 79493121

Samoyed Actually Says "Om Nom" For a Treat

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Maybe Try a Dell a Day Instead

caption apple Cats - 8763982592
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squirrel apple Video - 79258369

Squirrel Adorably Noms on an Apple

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porcupine apple Video - 77059073

An Apple A Day Keeps The Boredom Away

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Eating Healthy

healthy garden eat caption apple - 8591933696
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Where Can I Pre-Order One?!

puppy puns cute apple - 8491880704
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Syncs Right Up to the iBone

animals glasses puns hipster apple - 8472595200
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Hello, Worm? Are You Home?

worms house apple - 8450043136
Via adventurekatz

No One Could Resist this Little Charmer

garden apple snake - 8401903872
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Horses Actually Hope to Get Apples in Their Stockings

animals christmas Ermahgerd apple horse - 8405711104
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Does Vet Rhyme with Toona?

apple Cats doctor vet - 8391793152
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Apple of My Eye

apple baby daddy fathers day what breed - 6263527680
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