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Picking Dog Breeds To Help You Through The Apocalypse: Reddit Users Discussion

Okay, imagine this, zombies have officially taken over the world. In the meantime you've set up shelter in a makeshift shed. You are slowly but surely running out of supplies. This is the apocalypse people, it ain't a pretty sight. BUT- there is a beacon of hope, a shining light, a final opportunity to control your own destiny! You are given a choice, you must choose three dog breeds to help you get through the apocalypse. Which three breeds do you choose, and why? Reddit users swarmed into thi…
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This Fun Comic By Artist Patabot Has An Adorable Surprise Ending

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Looks Like the Alpacalypse Is Finally Here

looks like the alpacalypse is finally here
Via raptorsoldier

Signs of the Dogocalypse:

cat over apocalypse taking caption - 8577964544
Created by Chris10a

Never Turn Your Back!

apocalypse cute disaster Fluffy photobomb whatbreed - 3870136576
See all captions Created by Jaourska

Didn't See That One Coming

animals birds attack apocalypse seagull - 8479752192
See all captions Created by Unknown

Though Cute and Snuggly, the End Draws Near

apocalypse - 8424935936
See all captions Created by Chris10a

Cats Handle the Apocalypse Differently

apocalypse napping zombie Cats - 8385850112
See all captions Created by iriscarden

Who Was Really Behind the Outbreak?

animals apocalypse zombie Cats - 8353682688
See all captions Created by Unknown


crazy cool crabs apocalypse - 8148854528
See all captions Created by Unknown

We're All Gonna Die!

apocalypse funny - 8126632704
Created by emiliabeth

I Dare You

apocalypse Cats national cat day 2013 - 7846637568
Created by Unknown

It's the End of the World as We Know It

apocalypse i should buy a boat Memes Cats - 6905711360
Via Bunny Food

Party Like It's 2012

Lame Pun Coon apocalypse puns Memes raccoons tomorrow - 6875627520
Created by Unknown

Commence the Countdown!

countdown captions puns apocalypse end of the world alpacas - 6847650048
Via Cybergata

Less Than a Month to Go

tardar sauce apocalypse Grumpy Cat Memes tard Cats - 6818889728
Created by Unknown
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