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article about a hot spring resort full of monkeys in Japan | thumbnail includes text saying 'These Monkeys Love The Warm Water'

World Of Animals: Inside The Park Where Monkeys Bathe In Hot Springs

The Legendary Snow Monkey Park.
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Sandra The Orangutan Washing Her Enclosure After Witnessing Caretakers Do So (Video)

sandra orangutan washing hands enclosure caretakers viral video amazing intelligence animals apes sanctuary
Via Center for Great Apes
sandra wash hands orangutan animals tweets apes twitter video | Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @RexChapman Sandra the orangutang started washing her hands because she saw all the zookeepers doing it repeatedly during the COVID-19 crisis.  Wash your hands.  Be more like Sandra.

Sandra The Orangutan Puts Us All To Shame With Her Diligent Hand-washing

Be more like Sandra
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Apes eating carrots | cute funny pic of a gorilla black dark fur with a stump of carrot hanging from the side of its mouth looking like a cigar | gorillas holding two carrots in its mouth while carrying several more in its hands human like expressions primates

Apes Eating Carrots And Enjoying Life

Apes Eating Carrots
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cute apes funny animals carrots - 4778757

11 Apes Just Enjoying Their Carrots

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Let This Baby Monkey Show You How Keep It Cool

cute monkey video Let This Baby Monkey Show You How Keep It Cool
Via @upperplayground

Give me That Banana, I Could Use a Snack

banana gorillas literal apes funny - 7941609216

Goodbye, Man in the Yellow Hat

guns monkeys apes - 8139645184
Via Dump a Day

A Little Hot Tub Time With My Baby

monkeys gifs water apes - 8390112768
Created by cataff ( Via Youtube )

Don't Pay The Ferryman!

gifs critters apes monkey boats - 8284757248
Created by anselmbe

Nobody Likes Getting Stuck in the Rain

apes rain - 8287945216
Via EH Dome

Only One Way Out of This Situation

apes fall gifs funny playing slide stuck - 8260813056
Created by anselmbe

Those Eyes!

Babies apes cute eyes primates monkeys squee - 8265730816
See all captions Created by Mauragd

Smiley Face

Babies apes cute smile - 8225249280
Created by Fauxpaws

You Can't Make Me Eat it!

banana apes cute feeding - 8258721024
Via funs

Vampire Monkey

apes critters gifs yikes teeth - 8240448000
Created by anselmbe
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