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Cute but Strange: Aardvarks are the Wrinkly Prehistoric Babies You Never Knew You Needed

If you ever watched Arthur as a kid, you might have a very skewed idea of what an aardvark is supposed to look like. There are several inaccuracies to his character design, the main one being, well…Arthur doesn't really look anything like an aardvark. But that's okay, because this week is International Aardvark Week, which means it's the perfect chance for us to bring you some fun facts and photos of actual aardvarks! As it turns out, they are kind of wrinkly and strange looking, but they're al…
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viral tweets about silky anteaters thumbnail includes two pictures of silky anteaters and one tweet 'Vertebrate - cait @kittynouveau i just learned about the silky anteater and i am going. insane. what is this 7:54 PM Mar 31, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 8,178 Retweets 805 Quote Tweets 53.3K Likes'

Twitter Discovering Silky Anteaters And Losing It

Hilariously losing their collective minds LOL
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viral funny and sarcastic tweets about anteaters thumbnail includes a picture of an anteater and three tweets 'Organism - Wilbur Soot 000 @WilburSoot What's for lunch? Let me take a wild fucking guess 5:06 PM · Dec 30, 2020 - Twitter Web App 4.3K Retweets 463 Quote Tweets 160.7K Likes' 'Text - Quackity @Quackity Replying to @WilburSoot Chicken 7:54 PM - Dec 30, 2020 - Twitter for iPhone 327 Retweets 16 Quote Tweets 57.5K Likes' 'Text - Fundy @FundyLive Replying to @WilburSoot Why does it look l'

Twitter Gets Sarcastic About Anteaters (Viral Tweets)

Hilariously sarcastic.
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Ohh here she come, she's an ant eater, oh here she comes lyrics to the animal instead of the man eater original words. VERY CLEVER | anteater walking in a field with its long snout leading the way
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When Anteater Struggles To Steal Food From Ducks

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A Giant Teddy Bear Is the Perfect Surrogate Mom for This Baby Anteater

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baby small anteater Video costa rica wilderness - 81836289

Hang out With Brave Wilderness and the Smallest Anteater Ever

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FAIL struggle water zoo anteater Video - 79733761

The Struggle Is Real for This Anteater That's Trying to Steal Leaves Without Getting Wet

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Little Anteater Loves His Human

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Best nose in the wine business

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How Could You Resist?

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The Serenity of Motion

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Baby Kangaroo Fears Ninja Ant Eater

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I hear she's hooked on reds

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Keep Your Nose Out of It

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zoo anteater Video - 51999489

Say Hello to Tammy the Anteater

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