I Can Has Cheezburger?


animal tumblr posts | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - his-quietus-make I once took my kids to a local farm and we found a lil goat with its horns stuck in a fence, just sitting there kinda mournfully on the grass. We tried to help it get free but it was stuck tight. We petted it for a while and fed it some grass (as it had lawnmowered a circle around itself as far as it could reach), and then went back to the ticket office to tell them it needed help, but before'

Tumblr Animal Posts Of Hilarity And Animals Who Are Total Hooligans

Tumblr animal goodness.
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list of funny and fresh animal memes | thumbnail includes two memes including a funny ocean creature 'Vertebrate - Today I learnt that there is such a thing as the tasselled wobbegong shark and I need to share it with you all' and a pan with a cat paw print in it 'Ingredient - I wonder what happened to the sausage.'

Rise And Shine With Fresh Animal Memes (February 27, 2022)

Fresh animal meme deliciousness.
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a super cute video of otters being jealous of each other | thumbnail includes text saying 'Kotaro and Hana'

Awwdorable Otter Gets Jealous Of Another Otter (Video)

No need to fight
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memes and pics and posts of animals accepting their fates | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat holding up a phone for a human and a gif of a girl lying on two huge dogs 'Dog - They never move when she falls asleep like this. They wait until she wakes up...'

Animals Who Have Peacefully And Less Peacefully Accepted Their Fates

This is their life now.
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14 animal snapchats | thumbnail left cheetah in truck with man old white beard holding back of cheetos "those are mine, look at the bag it says my name" thumbnail right image of man walking duck with shoes on collar and leash, dogs in his pockets

Delightfully Humorous Series Of Animal Snaps

With appearances from all over the animal kingdom
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a reddit thread about a woman trying to get rid of her daughter's cat | thumbnail includes text saying 'AITA? I want my daughter to get rid of her cat' and 'YTA. Completely. 100%. Absolutely. Totally. Entirely. However else I can say it, you're the AH.'

Bitter Karen Tries Forcing Daughter To Give Up Her Cat

What Would You Do?
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a viral thread about why you should consider a rescue cat | thumbnail includes text saying ' But real quick I just want to say if you can. If you're able. If you're considering adopting a cat Please consider the sick ones. The ones with runny eyes/noses. The ones ppl never want'

Twitter Thread: The Importance Of Adopting The Unconventional Cats

Adopt Don't Shop
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posts of animals newly adopted this week | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat 'Welcomed this sweet fella to our home yesterday. He’s spent his entire 5months of life in a shelter so this home thing is new but he’s figuring it out u/Curious-Variety-7570'

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (13 Images)

Adopt, don't shop.
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a heartwarming story about an adorable parrot | thumbnail includes photo of a woman cuddling with a parrot

Woman Finds Soulmate In Tiny Parrot (Video)

Dreams Taking  Flight
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an interesting thread about hedge animals on Twitter | thumbnail includes text saying 'Finally found the North Shields hedge cat this afternoon'

Perfect Hedge Animals: Interesting Twitter Thread

Over The Hedge
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a thread about a Syrian cat sanctuary | thumbnail includes text saying 'Syrian cat sanctuary'

Inside A Syrian Cat Sanctuary

How Incredible
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twitter thread about animals that look similar but are not genetically related | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - ben "darth normal" flores ... @limitlessjest It's so insane that alligators and crocodiles aren't at all genetically related. Is there any other case of similar evolution like that 4:26 AM - Feb 20, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone 4,919 Retweets 1,403 Quote Tweets 103.1K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Animals That Look Similar But Aren't Genetically Related At All

*Confusion intensifies*
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17 fox pictures and tweets | thumbnail left fox tweet, fox plant "Helen Dale @_HelenDale The fox I planted last year is coming along nicely. 2:14 PM · Jul 15, 2018 43.7K 7.9K people are Tweeting about thjsredpanda.com" thumbnail right fox sitting on couch outside

When Wild Foxes Come To Visit: Tweets And Images

Wildly adorable
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this week's collection of pictures that are worth more than 1000 words | thumbnail includes two pictures including a dog biting a table and a deer sitting on a roof

Pictures Worth More Than 1000 Words (23 images)

When words aren't enough...
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a woman asks reddit what to do after her mom brings poisonous lilies to her house while she is away | thumbnail includes text saying 'My mom left me a gift that could've killed my cats'

Woman Threatens To Cut Mom off After She Brings A Dangerous Plant Home

Who Knew?
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a video about a sloth being rescued | thumbnail includes a photo of a sloth getting rescued from a telephone line

Sloth Gets Rescued From A Telephone Line (Video)

Oink Oink
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