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21 stories of rescued pets | Thumbnail includes a picture of two dogs and two cats hugging and sleeping 'Have you ever adopted a rescue animal?'

21 Short Stories Of Adopted Animals: A Twitter Thread

Suddenly we have faith in humanity
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Facebook comments about encounters people have had with wild animals | thumbnail includes a picture of a bear and one Facebook comment 'Dog breed - Dee Walter Kruleski Well I ran into a bear once when it was dark outside. I mean I walked right into him. Luckily we took off in different directions. I did a pic of him the next day. BTW, bear fur is very soft but bear bodies are very solid! 31 Like Reply Hide Send Message 1d Edited'

Coolest Unexpected Encounters People Had With Wild Animals (ICanHas Edition)

Some wild stories about wild animals.
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collection of mildly amusing animal pics and stories | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat with its paws on its tail 'Our cat Mia, rests her front paws on her tail to keep them off a cold surface. u/andyf7' and a crayfish in an Asian isle in a store 'There is a live crayfish defending the rice aisle in my local Asian market u/SucksToYourAssmar3'

Sufficiently Interesting And Amusing Animal Stories And Pics

oooh, ahhh, oooh, ahh~
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16 text based images crazy pet stories | thumbnail blue background with facebook text foreground

Craziest Pet Stories: ICanHasCheezburger Edition

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an adorable story about a donkey who was rescued named Snickers | thumbnail includes a photo of snickers the donkey with a baby

Snickers The Awwdorable Donkey Loves Following His Little Brother Around (Video)

Donkey? More Like Don-cute!
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posts of animals newly adopted this week | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat 'We adopted Miss Kitty yesterday from the shelter. 8 years old, one tooth left, a congenital foot defect causing a limp, and overweight. She'd been at the shelter since December. We couldn't leave her there. She's a love bug. Such a sweet girl. So lucky to find her. u/blonde1155'

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (20 Images)

Adopt, don't shop.
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17 facebook comments with heartwarming pet stories| thumbnail blue background with facebook comment text foreground

Most Heartwarming Pet Stories: ICanHasCheezburger Users Edition

Having pets is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying feelings that humans can experience. There's nothing like coming home after a long day of work to a four legged furry friend who's been waiting for you excitedly all day! Pets surprise us all of the time with their thoughtfulness, kindness, and just pure wholesome goodness. We decided to challenge our incredibly pawesome users, and hit us with their best, most adorable, overall most heartwarming pet stories ! And boy, did they deliver. We…
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Good news from the animal kingdom | Grandma's dog was put down a few weeks ago older lady surrounded by family members

Good News Only: Heartwarming Stories From The Animal Kingdom

Good news stories about animals
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Amazing animal stories | learned cat New Zealand tricked two different women into owning him. Neither knew they had same cat until after he went vet stitches cat got keep both names as well as both owners through shared custody agreement (x)

Intriguing Animal Stories By The "I Was Today Years Old When" Tumblr Page

Amazing animal stories
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“Gator On The Loose” Turns Out To Be a Large Beaver | Twitter Canada @TwitterCanada Spot difference #Brampton pic of a cute beaver next to a pic of an alligator

News From Canada: “Gator On The Loose” Turns Out To Be a Large Beaver

Gator on the loose in Canada
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Adorable Two-Headed Goat was Born In a Wisconsin Farm | black and white baby goat with two separate faces conjoined twins rare biological phenomena

Adorable Two-Headed Goat was Born In a Wisconsin Farm

Two headed goat
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wholesome heartwarming video paralyzed dog gets wheelchair

Paralyzed Pit bull Gets a Second Chance Thanks to The Wheelchair Her Dad Built

Adorable Pit Bull is able to do everything thanks to her wheelchair
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Twenty Unlikely Animal Friendships Caught On Camera | pic of an elephant lounging on grass with one leg outstretched and a black dog resting on top of it

Twenty Unlikely Animal Friendships Caught On Camera

20 Unlikely Animal Friendships
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Women keeps pet turtle for 56 years | older woman sitting on the floor in a kitchen next to a turtle eating from a tray filled with fresh vegetables minnesota's own kare 11

Woman And Pet Tortoise Celebrate 56-Year Old Friendship

Women Keeps The Same Pet Tortoise For 56 Years
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Fluffy therapy cat helps people in need | black fluffy cat wearing a bow tie and a tag that reads pets therapy, photo is taken outside the royal London hospital

Meet Mr. London Meow, The Fluffy Therapy Cat Who Spreads Joy And Happiness

The Fluffy Therapy Cat
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THE BEST DOG STORIES 0F 2019 | cute puppy with a tail growing out of its forehead making it look like a unicorn horn

A Pawsome Year: The Best Doggo Stories Of 2019

Best Doggo Stories Of The Year
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