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reddit thread about boyfriend defending cat over girlfriend | thumbnail includes part of a reddit thread 'AITA for taking my cats side over my gf? Font - Anyway we watching a movie high af when we heard a loud clash. We rushed out to see what had happened. Ofc the cat had pushed the cup off, as cats do. And she ran over and started screaming at him, and being the cat that he is he doesn't understand english so he just started walking away. My gf then pushed him off the banister, he landed'

Girlfriend Mistreats Boyfriend's Cat, He Takes Cat's Side, Wonders If He Did The Right Thing: AITA

Did he do the right thing?
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25 grumpy cat pictures | thumbnail left angry cat with big eyes looking up at camera, thumbnail right sneaky cat looking from behind curtain

A Delightful Series Of Grumpy Cats Being Mad

Grumpy cats
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video of cockatoo bird rescued acting like dinosaur | thumbnail image of white cockatoo, white feathers

Roaring Cockatoo Is Convinced She's A Dinosaur (Video)

Cockatoo gets his groove on
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40 images of angry animals | thumbnail left angry duckling thumbnail right three angry chickens looking at camera

40 Angry Animals Who Have Had Enough But Still Look Adorable

Series of animals who have mastered looking angry and adorable at the same time
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13 images of angry cats expressing dissatisfaction | thumbnail left cat with head through newspaper yelling, thumbnail right angry cat with mad facial expression

Series Of Angry Cats Yelling And Being Mad

You know that feeling when you're angry and just have to let the world and everyone around you know it! So do these cats. They know that feeling all to well and have mastered the art of expressing it! These cats are mad. For a number of certainly valid reasons, but yeah, they're just plain old mad. These kitty cats are mad, angry, yelling, and expressing it in their awwdorable feline way. What is it about cats that just connects with us? Even when they're angry and profusely expressing their di…
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19 images of angry cats | thumbnail left large fluffy orange cat angry in front of turkey, thumbnail right cat angry looking down

19 Angry Cats Who Are NOT Amused

Fluffy And Fed Up With Your BS
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viral video of a kitten angrily yelling at water

Kitten Accidentally Touches Water And Angrily Yells At Water Bowl (Video)

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cute animals who have had a bad day - thumbnail of cat covered in snow and a cat with burnt whiskers | This is my cat after trying to run out the door..... Into a wall of snow | When you love the smell of bacon but get a little too close to the frying pan on the stove

Pets Who Are Having A No-Good-Rotten Day

Mistakes were made
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cats angry facial expressions at a windy beach go viral - thumbnail of angry cats facial expressions on the beach

Cat's Angry Reaction At The Beach Goes Viral

Oh, he angry angry
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amazing angry looking cats | very majestic and regal looking cat with a long luxurious grey mane grumpy serious face and striking yellow eyes

Angry Cats Who Ended Up Looking Awwdorable (Photos)

Angry but adorable cats
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angry grumpy cat lol funny cute aww animals | grey cat with a mean expression chasing a human finger and same cat looking up from a red bucket

Angry Kitzia's Permanent Grumpy Face Is Extra Grumpy

Kitzia Might Be The Grumpiest Cat That Ever Grumped
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funny angry animal pics lol rage anger adorable cute | cute tiny hedgehog wrapped in a towel looking over the edge of it with a mean expression | tortoise giving the side eye while being held

Don't Talk To These Animals, They're Angry

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cats tigers lions hungry angry animals wildcats cute youtube video

Hangry Lions And Tigers (Video)

Someone get these murder floofs some grub, and pronto!
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cats grumpy angry lol funny cute adorable animals aww fuzzy fluffy round eyes mean expression grump angry

Awwdorable And Fluffy New 'Grumpy' Cat Emerges

Cats that deserve recognition for their adorable mean mugs
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youtube cute angry bunny funny Video animals - 883974

Angry Bunny Hates The 'Bunny Is Angry' Sign Above His Bed

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merlin ragdoll instagram funny

Animals Of Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Merlin, The Mad Ragdoll

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