I Can Has Cheezburger?


Are you an angel? Maybe a Triangle. Just make sure you're not too obtuse. From snow angles to angels, you'll find everything and anything punny about angels. So clap your hands together and grab your protractor and get ready to consistently laugh throughout, at least if you're equilateral.

simons cat Christmas holiday season - funny animated video thumbnail of simons cat trying to take angel off of tree

Simon's Cat New Christmas Special (Animation)

Simon's Cat trying to spread love this holiday season
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What An Angel

pics of a cat biting a fortune cookie note saying you are surrounded by angels
Via Know Your Meme

Although I Still Think He's A Little Devil For Climbing Up My Christmas Tree Every Year....

christmas angel cat without be what caption - 8995344128
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My Name is Alex - I Think

angel caption Cats - 8800430848
See all captions Created by RedRobin

You Might Be Going to Hell...

angel caption Cats - 8752950016
See all captions Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

I'm Staying Up Here Anyway

Cats cute angel christmas funny tree - 7964026624
Created by Unknown

The Fuzziest Fairy of All

costume angel Miniature Horse squee horse - 6662905856
Via Agent 3Z

Get a regular tree topper like everybody else!

angel caption captioned cat christmas costume dressed up threat tree - 5541138432
Created by OrangityOrange

harder den it luks

angel captions Cats grass lawn sun - 6439054080
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Lolcats: Deyz Teh Bestest Kind ob Angels!

angel best of the week catnip Hall of Fame love making shape - 5161405696
See all captions Created by gragio09

Patron Saint of Bad Decisions

angel art historic lols jump no painting wtf - 5589978624
See all captions Created by jaspatrick

But, You Should Still Probably Scale Back a Bit

angel art heaven - 5183362048
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acting like animals angel bird halo impersonating impersonation lolwut standing statue - 5593163776
Created by Unknown

Worst Guardian Angel Ever!

angel art historic lols painting - 5557050368
See all captions Created by WilliamKeckler

Ai wuz tutched by an angel.

angel but then caption captioned cat costume eated oops siamese wings - 5419611136
See all captions Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

It Didn't Feel So Good!

angel children historic lols no thanks pervert sick - 5221551360
See all captions Created by mrbadkitty
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