I Can Has Cheezburger?


collection of mildly amusing animal pics and stories | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat with its paws on its tail 'Our cat Mia, rests her front paws on her tail to keep them off a cold surface. u/andyf7' and a crayfish in an Asian isle in a store 'There is a live crayfish defending the rice aisle in my local Asian market u/SucksToYourAssmar3'

25 Mildly Interesting And Amusing Animal Stories And Pics

oooh, ahhh, oooh, ahh~
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Was found in a pile of brush. No mother, no tracks, nothing... Each day she gets a little and little more brave. Just watch your toes. Only 6 weeks old. - hereyougobacon71

Rehabilitating A Baby Bobcat Is An Adventure (Imgur Posts)

Bigger and bigger every single day.
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video of a bearded dragon doing weird things like running into walls and falling ridiculously thumbnail includes one picture of a bearded dragon in front of a trash can looking sideways with the caption ''mind your own business'

Graceful Bearded Dragon Repeatedly Running Into Walls (Video)

"Did you walk into the garbage can AGAIN?!"
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huge collection of cat memes from LOLcats thumbnail includes two pictures including a small kitten screaming 'Cat - Cat - Sit! Sit human, sit! I needs lap time and cuddles!' and a group of cats waiting behind a glass door 'Text - I gave her food yesterday! Now she's back with the whole family'

Eighty Eight Funny Cats From LOLcats

catz r alwayz purrfectly funy
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pictures of cats stuck in window blinds thumbnail includes two pictures including one cat hanging off some window blinds and another of a cat fully entangled in window blinds

Instant Regret For Cats Stuck In Window Blinds

sometimes, you're just not having the best day
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pictures of cats caught stealing humans' food thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat peeking over a table trying to grab someone's sandwich and another of a cat's paw grabbing someone's cookie

Cat Thieves Stealing Food Caught Red Handed

The paw sneakily patting the table is all you can see...
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