I Can Has Cheezburger?


36 amazon reviews of garfield knock off plush with images and text | thumbnail left cat plush next to ed sheeran face " I love it it looks just like ed sheeran" thumbnail right plush sitting above office space watching below "A Strict But Benevolent God Verified Purchase Samantha Hatcher He watches me while I work and unleashes his godly wrath upon me whenever I try to take a break"

Amazon Reviews Of Garfield Plush Inspire Hilarity As Users Get Creative

Online shopping gone wrong
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list of tweet images garfield plush deflated | thumbnail left image of deflated garfield plush, thumbnail right twitter text "h my god my Roomie bought this knockoff Garfield plush off Amazon, and it came like this "

Twitter Thread: Roommate Orders Garfield Plush, Receives Deflated Orange Cloth With Sad Eyes

Online shopping gone wrong: feline edition
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collection of wolf-themed gifts to get on Amazon | thumbnail includes two pictures including a 3D wolf night light and a wolf necklace

Wolf-Themed Gifts To Get Wolf Lovers Right Naoooowwww

Majestic little goofballs.
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collection of the best cat tress to get on Amazon | thumbnail includes three pictures of cat trees and scratchers

16 Best Cat Trees And Scratchers To Get On Amazon

They come in a box for your cat too!
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collection of fox themed gifts to get on Amazon | thumbnail includes a picture of a fox glass 'for fox sake' and a fox night light

18 Pawdorable Yet Fierce Gifts For The Foxiest Fox Lovers

Adorable, affordable and fierce.
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collection of subtle cat accessories | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat keychain and cat coasters and a cat pin

Simple But Purrfect Accessories For Introverts To Show Love For Cats Subtly

Delicate, elegant, and so fun.
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this week's collection of pictures that are worth more than 1000 words | thumbnail includes two pictures including a family of owls sitting on a windowsill and a cat chilling in a hammock attached to a window

Pictures Worth More Than 1000 Words (24 images)

When words aren't enough...
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collection of cat toys and products | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat lying on a tiny hammock and a controller controlled cat toy

Cat Supplies And Toys Truly Fit For Our Clumsy Kings And Queens

Making everyone's lives better.
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list of dog toys for aggressive and anxious dogs and puppies | thumbnail includes two pictures of dog toys from Amazon

Best Dog Toys For Aggressive And Anxious Pooches

Need to help them out <3
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funny Amazon reviews of talking buttons for dogs | thumbnail includes a picture of talking buttons for dogs and one amazon review of them 'Font - Halli Verified Purchase I too taught my dog to demand food with these buttons. Reviewed in the United States on December 4, 2019 I bought these after learning about their usefulness in training animals to communicate by hitting the button. What a fascinating idea. My dog already knew the words when I spoke them, but had no way to let me know exactly w'

Funny Amazon Reviews Of Talking Buttons For Dogs

Careful what you teach them lol
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collection of unnecessary but funny knick knacks to buy on Amazon | thumbnail includes a picture of cat foot shot glasses and cat shaped over the door hanger hooks

Completely Unnecessary But Hilarious Cat Knick Knacks To Get On Amazon

...worth the money lmao
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Caturday cat memes | thumbnail includes two memes including a cat looking confused 'Cat - kawaiirostam: my cats so fucking weird she was purring the whole time but her face looked like this See what's trending at FUNSubstance.com' and a cat looking like it's a singer in a band 'Musical instrument - Perfect bands don't exi--'

30 Something: Thirty Very Funny Cat Memes We From Around The Web

Happy meal!
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collection of Amazon gifts for cat lovers | thumbnail includes a picture of a mug and a cat headphone holder

Affordable Purrfect Gifts For All The Cat Lovers In The Crowd

We need them all.
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Amazon products for anxious cats and kittens | thumbnail includes two products including a calming pheromone diffuser and a heated cat bed cave

12 Relaxing Products For Cats And Kittens Anxious About Change

From diffusers to heated beds <3
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pictures of cats in carrier bags | thumbnail includes two pictures of cats in see through carrier bags

Cat Enjoying Trips Outside From The Safety Of Their Travel Bags

A purrfect way to enjoy the outside world.
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healthy cat food alternatives to get on Amazon | thumbnail includes three types of healthy dry cat foods

12 Most Purrfect Healthy Cat Food Alternatives

Keeping your kitty healthy is the most important thing <3
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