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video of sheep being sheared | thumbnail sheep being sheared two images, "tiktok sheep stories"

Compilation of Sheep Shearing Stories From TikTok (Video)

Time for a haircut
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collection of facts about alpacas | thumbnail includes a picture of two alpacas 'Glasses - ICANHAS CHEEZ BURGER Alpacas are thought to have been domesticated more than 6,000 years ago by the Incas.'

Paws For This Week’s Animal Facts: 13 Things To Know About Alpacas

Laugh and learn.
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List of alpaca and llama photos | thumbnail is three llamas

An Alpacalooza of Awwdorable Alpaca Photos

Because who doesn't love llamas?
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video of alpaca being sheared | thumbnail includes image of alpaca being sheared

Alpaca's Mane Gets Sheared: Oddly Satisfying (Video)

Sheer enjoyment.
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video of alpaca spitting on woman after she tries to feed him a carrot | thumbnail alpaca post spitting on woman, she leans back surprised and irked "disgusted alpaca spits at tourist"

Woman Tries To Feed Alpaca, Rejects Her Offering And Proceeds To Spit In Her Face (Video)

Guess he doesn't like carrots
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video of llama alpaca mix in office with workers | thumbnail llama in office with text "chinese firm hires llama=alpaca mix to bring joy"

Llama-Alpaca Mix 'Hired' By Office To Bring Joy To Workers: Everyone Falls In Love (video)

Office pet spreads happiness and good vibes
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Pretty sure that's an alpaca but still funny

I was taking a nice photo oi this llama, when it noticed me and turned into a college girl on spring break after 5 jello shots and 3 shots of tequila.
Via Willuser
collection of pictures that are worth more than 1000 words thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat jumping in the air elegantly and another of a cheetah licking the head of a baby cheetah

Pictures Worth More Than 1000 Words (24 images)

When looking at a picture gets your imagination running...
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alpacas shaved animals funny hair hairstyle aww cute lol pics | hilarious alpacas with their bodies shaved so that their heads look like round floof balls

Shaved Alpacas And Llamas Look Like 80s Rock Album Cover (20 Pics)

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"OC found last night when shopping for a LED collar for dog."

Polomare Verified Purchase Locater Beacon for Ninja Alpaca. Stealthy Alpaca is... well, stealthy. He's very difficult to locate on my 5 acres in the dark. He doesn't make any audible noises and unlike the horses, you can't even hear his footsteps. He takes great pleasure in hiding behind bushes and not revealing his location as I walk just 10 feet away calling his name. I'm sick of thinking he's escaped, stolen, or dead. Illumiseen collar solves the problem. Ninja no more, ha!
Via u/USMC_92
Baby alpacas photos | adorable white alpaca leaning down to sniff at a tiny alpaca plushie stuffed toy

We All Need Some More Baby Alpacas (And Llamas) In Our Lives

Baby Alpacas
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alpaca cute video animals aww youtube awesome trained adorable

Adorable Fluffy Alpaca Lives In The City With Two Guys (Video)

She's so cute and charming
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funny alpaca photos

Unflattering Alpaca Photos Is The Perfect Way To Celebrate National Alpaca Day

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alpaca cute smile - 9255154688
Via Imgur

"Wait For Me, I Wanna Be In The Picture Too!"

Via Reddit
alpaca australia funny video commentary Video comedian - 93883393

Australian Comedian Adds An Amusing Commentary To a Video Of Alpaca Stuck In a Hole

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