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10 comics that will help you decide if your cat is an alien

Is Your Cat Perhaps An Alien? 10 Comics That Will Make You Wonder

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Let's Call The Whole Thing Off!

animals potato alien suspicious caption organic - 8603730944
See all captions By MuttMeat

I'm Never Leaving This Suit

alien revenge robot step tail - 6273497600
See all captions By kittahmonster

Da Life-Forms On Dis Planet ar Hopeless

alien Cats - 8480571648
See all captions By betskand

Aliens Only Ever Tried Their Probes on Kittehs Once

alien Cats - 8454162176
See all captions By raekathy

Ever Since He Saw 'Aliens' on @ZooVision

trunk elephant Movie alien - 8448559104
By beernbiccies

Dats Wat Ai Was Doin

alien funny - 7702427648
See all captions By cataff

Pug or Alien?

derpy pug stuffed animal alien funny - 7642856960
Via Pleated Jeans

the truth is out there

ufo captions alien Cats earth intelligent planet - 6796591616
See all captions By Mac_Man

Animal Capshunz: Always Thought the Pilot Needed More Colour!

alien audition bird birds captions color parrot parrots pilot remake - 6545299456
See all captions By beernbiccies

He Lost Because of an "Apples" Accident

acting alien audition E.T horse scary - 6528204288
See all captions By CapMan007

I Has A Hotdog: Space Goggie Wants to Know...

alien bacon captions lab space space dog - 6497558016
By Tia888

Lolcats: Take me

alien Aliens Cats hairless leader lolcats Mars nekkid space sphinx ufo - 6355835392
See all captions By Unknown

the aliens are coming

alien Aliens defense protection signs ufo - 6363693056
See all captions By kittahmonster

But You've Taught us So Much

alien leave my people need me sheep - 6241152512
See all captions By TuckerBentley


alien Aliens Cats gifs longcat photoshopped surprise - 6238191616
Via Cybergata
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