I Can Has Cheezburger?


Words Of Wisdom

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Nao kan yu get him an teh eluphunt owt of here?

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You're Nuts if You Think I'm Going Back

cat after more thermometer caption no vets - 8800056576
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It Happens To All Of Us.

animals after catch send caption - 8592840704
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Bears After Hibernation

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Via Fake Science

mai monky den

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After rolling over

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I'm telling all my friends

about after all bear caption captioned cat caught fight friends how huge my stuffed animal teddy bear telling toy - 5645214464
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after bath drying off rat reader squees wet - 5507845120
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Let me know

accidents after before Before And After caption captioned Cats paws pee potty raised hand uh oh - 5619318272
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Datz me

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Not one second before.

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acting like animals after cat expression paranoid startled traumatized upside down - 5408972544
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Ah, quit your screaming.

after bowl caption captioned cat cookies Hall of Fame hygiene litter box noms paws quit reaching screaming toilet washed - 5372819712
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