Dog Rescued From Frozen Lake Gets Adopted By Rescuer

On Sunday, March 14th, a dog was spotted stranded on ice in the middle of Haines Lake. A post went up on Digby Talks Facebook page, asking if anyone could help the dog. According to The Chronicle Herald, the dog has been seen roaming the area near the lake for weeks, but no one was able to catch her, and no one came forward to claim her as their own. It took the work of multiple great people to rescue the pup, and thankfully, their effort was no in vain. 

The first rescue attempt was by a local drone operator, Zane Lynch, who tied a hot dog to his drone and attempted to lure the dog using that. No success there. In the meantime, Nathaniel Denton and his neighbor Mike Titus ventured out on their canoe to rescue the dog. 

Denton, being an experienced diver and wearing a dry suit, "got out of the canoe and broke a path through the ice so they could get closer." He broke a couple hundred feet of ice in an attempt to get to the dog, but the dog was too scared to approach him. So, he turned around, back to the canoe, and pushed the canoe - with Titus inside - closer to the dog. It took a while for the dog to trust them, but eventually, she did, and they were able to get her back to shore. 

Not only that, but later that day, the gorgeous pup was adopted by the hero who saved her - Dentons, so we know for sure that that her forever home is full of people who would do anything to help her. 

Read more of the story and check out pictures below!

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