I Can Has Cheezburger?


wholesome animal memes  | thumbnail includes two memes that say 'my gf working late on tough project coming over give her kiss' and 'All the love I have to offer You'

Heartwarming Animal Memes To Start The Week Off Pawfectly (December 27, 2021)

Pure Pawsitivity.
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a video of a giraffe being rescued from a tire | thumbnail includes the giraffe stuck in a tire

Heartwarming Rescue Of Giraffe Stuck In Tire (Video)

Right In The Neck Of Time!
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12 reddit text images story of dog bug hunting | thumbnail background cavalier dog "Posted by u/WDfx2EU 6 days ago 2425 S 4 1.4k My dog and I have developed a ritual for hunting bugs in the house, and nothing makes him happier!"

Excited Doggo Develops Silly Bug Hunting Ritual, Is A Happy Boi (Reddit Thread)

Truly heartwarming, RIP bugs
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a cute compilation of wild animals underneath the christmas tree | thumbnail includes a photo of a fox under a christmas tree with the caption 'Someone in my county set up a tree by her wildlife camera and caught these. Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?'

Awwdorable Wild Animals Enjoying A Christmas Tree

Season's Greetings
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video of a herd of elephants reuniting with a man they haven't seen for over a year | thumbnail includes a picture of a man in a river calling a herd of elephants toward him

Elephants Run To Reunite With Their Favorite Humans Who Went Away For 14 Months (Video)

An unexpectedly wholesome reunion <3
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5 cat video | thumbnail left cat bowl being filled automatically, thumbnail right cat running downstairs, thumbnail far right cat eating from full food bowl

Insta Cats: Funniest, Cutest, Most Purrfect Cat Videos Of The Week

Feline funnies
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video of cali zoo animals opening christmas gifts | thumbnail image of two animals on wooden structure one with gift in hand opening it

Cali Zoo Animals Tear Open Christmas Gifts (Video)

Christmas Day has finally arrived
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animals wholesome funny cute aww adorable cool awesome wholesome pics vids | Bobcat kitten still growing into its fur (photo by Shaun Wilsey) Brought my senior cat on vacation with This is maids left her after they finished cleaning my hotel room cat lying on her back on a hotel bed

Animal Gallery Of Wholesomeness, Awesomeness And Pure Fun

Animals are truly a gift to this world
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original cat memes 50 | thumbnail left cat on computer meme "Thànk you so much. www. I know Iwoke up thinking, Isure wish someone else would give me their political opinions today!"" thumbnail right cat black angry 5, 5"01

50 Best Cat Memes Of 2021 (ICHC's Original Lolcats)

Feline goodness
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15 cat tweets cats with old people names | thumbnail left and right image of cats dressed up in suits "edgar and beatrice" "memes i wish i could tag my cat in @memesiwish I love when cats have old people names 11:15 AM - Dec 21, 2021 - Twitter for iPad 2,396 Retweets 520 Quote Tweets 24.6K Likes"

Twitter Thread: Cats With Old People Names, Distinguished, Charming, Refined

Old people names or not, these cats are adorable
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tumblr thread about newborn kittens' tiny fluffy tails | thumbnail includes two pictures of newborn kittens 'afishinspace Follow In Austria, we call kittens at that age "Autodromkatzerl", which translates to "bumper car kittens", because of the way their tail sticks up. It's not a really common word, but a very cute one'

Tumblr Thread: Autodromkatzerl Newborn Kittens With Their Triangle Tails

Bumper car kittens.
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video of reindeer sleigh ride and preparations | thumbnail mad in sleigh pulled by majestic reindeer snow

Reindeer Lead The Way On A Magical Finland Sleigh Ride (Video)

Truly magical
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14 tweets cats with instruments musical | thumbnail left cat with french horn, thumbnail right black cat seated in guitar case "musicians, cats at work"

Twitter Thread: Cats At Work, Musician Edition

Musical felines
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20 dog snaps | thumbnail right small dog with purple water heater "I heated up my small hot water bottle for Charlie cause he's been shivering all night and he's so happy I want to cry" thumbnail right two bug dogs embracing "this is pure happiness"

Doggo Snaps Of Pawsitivity And Good Vibes

Vibe check
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video of a Rottweiler and a leopard following a human's commands | thumbnail includes a picture of a leopard and a dog giving a person a paw

Rottweiler Vs Rescued Leopard: Who's Better At Following Commands (Video)

Luna the pantera strikes again.
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50 dog tweets from 2021 | thumbnail blue background " @lovedoveclarke There is literally no rule that says you have to get married and start a family. Normalize splitting a mansion with your 5 best friends and 10 dogs. 12:56 AM - Mar 9, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 55.3K Retweets 5,833 Quote Tweets 384.7K Likes"

Recapping 2021: 50 Best Dog Tweets Of The Year

Best of the year
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