I Can Has Cheezburger?


3 TikToks of a baby and a cat being best friends and cuddling | Thumbnail includes a sleeping baby with a small kitten, a kitten and baby holding hands, and a sleeping baby and a kitten

Woman Gets A Cat Thinking He Will Be Her Best Friend, Cat Befriends The Woman's Baby Instead

Baby fever + cat fever
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collection of stories of cats adopting humans | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat sitting on a cat tree 'My darling Finley who followed me home on a night I came home crying and lonely. After a little bit of kitty time, I tried to go inside, and he walked in the door and flopped on my rug. It’s now his house. (Yes, I had him checked for a chip and vet-checked and officially adopted him.) u/tonysnark325'

Heartwarming Stories Of Cats Adopting Humans

Sometimes, it's them who choose us.
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a collection of posts about cats | thumbnail includes a picture of a bunch of kittens in a box 'Some jackass left these newborns in the garbage, so now i have nanny duties. Yes I keep them in the bathroom so that my cat won't kill them. Yes I'm also sleeping in the bathroom tonight, so that my cat won't kill me in my sleep. u/ilovemycat2018'

Cat Medley: Cuteness Galore, Funnies, Rescues, And Appreciation

The best kitty cats.
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video of cat befriending stray cat | thumbnail left cats meeting each other through screen, thumbnail right kittens young orange and white

Cat Falls In Love With Stray Cat Who Shows Up Outside (Video)

Hearts? Warmed
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10 reddit images video of cat in front of camera | thumbnail image of cat in front of camera black and white text " Please enjoy a video of my cute boy Gizmo trying to get a snack from the kitty camera because it can shoot treats'"

Cat Called Gizmo Captured On Camera Trying To Finagle Treats Out Of The Kitty Cam

On a mission for treats
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5 TikToks of cats being groomed with a toothbrush | Thumbnail includes 3 cats being groomed by a toothbrush 'He loved it so much I appear to have accidentally unlocked a childhood trauma for my kitty...'

Cat Owners Brush Their Cats' Heads With Toothbrushes Because It Reminds Them Of Their Mommies

Bittersweet childhood memories
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collection of cute posts about cats | thumbnail includes one picture of a black kitten meowing 'The spiciest kitten I've ever seen u/fyflate89'

Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute Cats (#184)

Too. much. cuteness.
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video of woman adopting cat | thumbnail image of white and orange cat

Woman Adopts Her First Cat, Instantly Becomes A Cat Lady (Video)

Happens to the best of us
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A video of a cat dad meeting his kittens for the first time | Thumbnail includes a cat dad meeting his kittens for the first time while mom cat lays beside them

Papa Cat Meets His Baby Kittens For The First Time Ever (Video)

Where did you guys come from?
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6 TikToks of cute cats | Thumbnail includes an orange cat sleeping in different positions 'Videos of George sleeping proven to boost serotonin'

Weekly Boost Of Serotonin: Sweet Cats, Smol Cats, And Sleepy Cats

Pure bliss and cuteness
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4 TikToks of a cat named Floof and her adoption story | Thumbnail includes two cats laying inside and a kitten outside, a kitten and a cat playing, and a kitten laying in bed with a human 'And loves cuddles now! Welcome to the family Floof! We saw a little kitten crying He was pretty scared at first outside by our door But wanted to meet his new siblings'

Wholesome Story Of How A Kitten Named Floof Got Adopted Into A Cat Family Of 4

She took things into her own paws
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video of a cat catching snowballs | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat jumping up into the air to catch a snowball

Pawsome Cat Excitedly Trying To Catch Snowballs With Its Human (Video)

Jumping high into the sky.
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16 cat memes | thumbnail left cats holding paws sleeping, thumbnail right cat with unicorn horn funny meme

Purrfect Cat Memes For A Healthy Dose Of Feline Hilarity

Feline hilarity booyah
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A tiktok and 11 funny comments about a cat that brought her kittens to a dog after she was tired nursing | Thumbnail includes a cat carrying a kitten, a dog laying with kittens, and a dog laying with a cat and kittens

Cat Gets Tired From Nursing And Brings Her Kittens To Uncle Dog To Babysit

Not the father but the father that stepped up
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5 TikToks about Darla the cat and her dad who works out of town | Thumbnail includes Darla the cat sleeping on her dad, Darla looking up at a camera, and Darla stretching on a carpet 'When your dad is your best friend and now he works Staring at the camera waiting for him to talk to out of town her Starting an only paws so Dan doesn't have to work. out of town anymore'

Dad Gets An Out-Of-Town Job But Now His Cat Misses Him

Patiently waiting for his call
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5 TikToks where people make promises to their cats | Thumbnail includes two bengal cats sleeping, one tabby cat, and a fluffy white cat 'to my cats, i promise. I will never desert you when you get old You are my family'

Heartwarming Videos Of Cat People Making Forever Promises To Their Cats

In sickness and in health <3
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