Kings And Queens Of Garbage And Our Hearts: Racoons

What do you think of when you think of raccoons? Whether you live surrounded by trees or skyscrapers, racoons are likely part of your local wildlife population. They are some of the most adaptable creatures in America, able to successfully sustain themselves in both rural and urban areas as well as a diverse range of climates! Makes sense considering wherever you go, they always seem to be lurking in the dark, waiting for you to drop your leftovers/take out. Mwahaha. 

You may find one scavenging amongst your trash bins, try not to fall in love right away. We understand if you do though. These adorable outlaws are known for their charm and cuteness. These smart and sly animals are also quite brilliant. Give raccoons a puzzle and as long as there's food involved, they will find a way to solve it. This has been proven time and time again both in scientific experiments, as well as in our local trash dumps. There's a reason why they call these guys bandits! 



14 raccoon memes and images | thumbnail left raccoon laying down stretching legs, thumbnail right raccoon inside of garbage bin
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