I Can Has Cheezburger?

acting like animals

a fox captured laughing on camera | thumbnail includes a picture of the fox being super awwdorable

Awwdorable Fox Laughs Her Heart Out (Video)

Such a foxy girl!
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a series of photos of albino animals| thumbnail includes two photos of albino animals, a crocodile and a peacock

Absolutely Awesome Albino Animals

No pigment, but lots of style!
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photos of animals before and after being adopted | thumbnail includes a photo of a dog before and after he was adopted into his forever home

Power Of Love: Before And After Adoption Glowups

Pawsome Adoption Stories
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funny tweets about dogs doing through existential crisis' | thumbnail includes two photos of dogs and the text 'my dog is having an existential moment'

Going Thru It: Photos Of Dogs Having Existential Moments

Am I really a good boy?
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a compilation of cute photos of tuxedo cats | thumbnail includes three photos of adorable tuxedo cats

21 Tuxedo Cats Full Of Love To Give

Black and white and loved all over.
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a video about Jenna the cow who lives on a farm animal sanctuary | thumbnail includes two photos of Jenna

Jenna The Cow Loves Her Forever Home (Video)

Hooman or Cow?
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a compilation of funny animal thanksgiving tweets | thumbnail includes a tweet saying ' Watching a Pug trying unsuccessfully to hump a Newfoundland dog at family thanksgiving.. My kindhearted son: (lifting pug) Here let me help you.'

Side-Splitting Animal Tweets From Thanksgiving

The best part of Thanksgiving.
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a reddit thread about a woman whose roommate tells her not to kiss her cat in front of him | thumbnail includes text saying 'I said that he has no right to tell me what to do with my own cat. He then said that he isn't telling me what to do and that he is just expressing his discomfort. I then said that he was gaslighting me and he burst into tears because he didn't like being called a gaslighter.'

Man Asks His Roommate To Stop Kissing Her Pet Cat: Viral Reddit Thread

Is he an a-hole?
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a list of cute ferret names to give your pet ferret | thumbnail includes a photo of a ferret with the caption 'Garret the ferret'

Best Ferret Names: Unique, Fun, And Clever Names For Your Pet

Ferret Fellows.
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a wholesome reddit thread about a girl rescuing a bunch of stray cats | thumbnail includes 3 stray cats and the text 'AITA for catching cats and bringing them to the shelter?'

Reddit Thread: Woman Is Criticized For Taking Stray Cats To Animal Shelter

All's well that ends well.
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a funny twitter thread with users showing images of how to tell they have a cat without showing the cat | thumbnail includes two images of kitty carnage and the caption 'tell me you have a cat without telling me you have a cat'

Hoomans Show Hiss-terical Ways To Tell Whether Someone Has A Pet Cat

"I haven't pooped alone in years."
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an adorable video of baby hamsters | thumbnail includes a photo of baby hamsters

Baby Hamsters Cuddling Together (Video)

Floof alert!
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a funny reddit thread about the stupidest things veterinarians were told by pet owners | thumbnail includes an image with text 'veterinarians of reddit, what is the stupidest thing a pet owner asked you?'

Veterinarians Share The Silliest Things That People Thought About Their Pets

Dogs have nipples?
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a funny Twitter thread about dogs with eyebrows | thumbnail contains two photos of dogs with eyebrows and text 'dogs with eyebrows are super funny'

Twitter Thread: Dogs With Eyebrows

Pretty High Brow
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woman captures a bear on camera licking her during a hike | thumbnail includes a closeup of the bear

Awwdorable Wild Bear Licks Woman (Video)

Bear-y Crazy!
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drawings of cats for novembpurr | thumbnail includes two awwdorable drawings

'Novembpurr' Cat Doodles To Brighten Up The Cold Days

Purrfect Drawings.
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