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a thread about a Syrian cat sanctuary | thumbnail includes text saying 'Syrian cat sanctuary'

Inside A Syrian Cat Sanctuary

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a woman asks reddit what to do after her mom brings poisonous lilies to her house while she is away | thumbnail includes text saying 'My mom left me a gift that could've killed my cats'

Woman Threatens To Cut Mom off After She Brings A Dangerous Plant Home

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a video about a chonky opossum that was rescued | thumbnail includes a picture of the opossum

Rescued Opossum Grows To Be A Fluff Monster (Video)

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a capybara couple enjoying a romantic valentines day date | thumbnail includes two capybaras on a date with a cute feast

Capybara Couple Enjoys Romantic Valentine's Meal (Video)

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video of a herd of elephants getting released into the wild | thumbnail includes a photo of the elephants getting released into the wild

54 Elephants Get Released Back Into The Wild (Video)

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incredible aerial footage of a great white shark | thumbnail includes footage of the great white shark from overhead

Incredible Slow Motion Footage Of Great White Shark (Video)

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cat text posts and wholesome memes | thumbnail includes two wholesome cat memes with text saying 'hiding from Monday' and 'My chonky boi where he feels most comfortable: above everyone else'

Uplifting Cat Posts To Fend Off The Sunday Scaries

We Have Cats
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an assortment of adorable speech needs animals | thumbnail includes a photo of a sheep and a photo of a chimpanzee with down syndrome

Born Different: Special Animals Who We Love

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a super cute video of baby otters playing with tiny hands | thumbnail includes text saying 'Kotaro and Hana'

Awwdorable Otter Reacts To Tiny Hands (Video)

Otterly Cool
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an informative thread on why cats make biscuits with their hands | thumbnail includes text saying 'why do cats knead?'

Why Do Cats Make Biscuits With Their Paws: Internet Answers

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a story about a family recovering from their son's death though the help of his dog | thumbnail includes text saying 'But, the best thing is what Dog did. For my boyfriend's father. Dad probably lost a good 30 lbs. since I last saw him when they came to take Dog away from me. He was excited to tell me all the things he has been doing with Dog. He took up bicycling, and'

Heartwarming Tearjerker: Family Heal After Son's Death With The Help Of His Dog

Get your tissues out...
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a compilation of funny cat memes and tweets for halfway to caturday | thumbnail includes text saying 'My cats talking sh*t about me when I'm not home' and ' new cat taught old cat to eat like this'

Halfway To Caturday: Cat Memes And Tweets (February 2, 2022)

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a funny twitter thread about capybaras unleashed | thumbnail includes text saying 'I will pay good money for a capybara'

Capybaras Unleashed In Viral Twitter Thread

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a cute thread about animals jumping around and being cute | thumbnail includes a photo of two cats scaling the wall with text '@fallingcatcult okay seriously how are y'all teaching your cats to do this'

Twitter Thread: Spider Cats Scaling Walls

Cats Are So Cool
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an adorable mink learns how to swim | thumbnail includes a photo of the mink in the water being cute

Sly Rescue Mink Learns How To Swim (Video)

Just Mink-ing It
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a compilation of weird animal memes | thumbnail includes two memes saying 'heck this doing a leave' and 'when I need my space but I also want attention;

Weird Animal Meme Roundup: The Weirder The Better

Wack Animals
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