I Can Has Cheezburger?


17 images and text images, cat faking injury redditors react | thumbnail three images of cat first faking injury and limping and then sitting normally "and the oscar goes too..fake injury= house entry"

Smart Tabby Cat Humorously Fakes Injury To Be Allowed Back Into The House: Reddit Cracks Up

And the Oscar goes to...
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acting drama vine Video - 80653825

This Dog Has Better Acting Skills Than Most of Hollywood

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An Otterly Convincing Actor

acting gifs funny otters - 8250054144
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Great Actor

acting play dead gifs - 8218419200
Created by ToolBee

This Syberian Kitten is Taking Her Curtain Call

acting gifs kitten - 8201997056
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There's an Opening for Toto...

acting Cats cute funny wizard of oz - 8153722368
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Best Performance of the Year!

Funny GIF of a dog acting amazing when owner fake-shoots him. A true performance!
Created by Unknown

Now That I'm Well Rested, I'll Be Walking All Over You

acting Hiking sucker - 7934883328
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Whiskers Loves The Lion King

acting the lion king drama funny - 7821500928
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A New Twist on Shakespeare in the Park

acting shakespeare park squirrels romeo and juliet - 6949426944
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What's an Owl Gotta Do to Make it in This Town?

Sad acting Harry Potter job owls - 6866304256
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acting vs friends humans differences Cats Video - 45096705

Cat-Friend vs. Dog-Friend

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He Lost Because of an "Apples" Accident

acting alien audition E.T horse scary - 6528204288
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acting gifs possum pretend - 6422678272
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Goggie GIF: Play Dead

acting best of the week gifs Hall of Fame playing dead - 6276601600
Created by Unknown

There's a matinee performance at 3:00 if you care to see it again.

acting actor alcohol drunk impression Party theater - 6183664384
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