I Can Has Cheezburger?


16 facebook comments potty training accidents | thumbnail text "hiana Elizabeth Henry The bearded dragon does not like sitting where he poops - reasonable. Dragon was sitting on the back of the chair. Needed to poop. Jumped onto the boyfriend's shoulder, pooped on him, then jumped back onto the chair. For a lizard, pretty smart, eh? D 17 Like · Reply Hide · 1w"

ICanHas Users Share Their Most Cringeworthy Pet Potty Training Experiences

Hilarious accidents
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Facebook comments about people accidentally using pet products | thumbnail includes two Facebook comments 'Rectangle - Julie Anne My husband ate dog food one day. I came home, and he told me how awful the stew was. I asked him to show me the can because I didn't remember buying any cans of beef stew. Yep. Alpo. 11 Like Reply Message 3d' and 'Rectangle - Top Fan Betsy Johnson Langley The vet gave us some medicated horse shampoo for ringworms to use on the kitten we just got. Boyfriend used it on'

People Accidentally (Or Purposefully) Using Their Pets' Products

They just... work better sometimes??
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story about a baby elephant that was hit by a motorcycle while crossing the road getting cpr and surviving as well as being returned to its mother thumbnail includes two pictures including a baby elephant lying on the road and receiving cpr and another of the baby elephant back with its mother

CPR Revives Baby Elephant, It Returns To Its Mother Safely

"When the baby elephant starting to move, I almost cried."
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horse photobomb toy funny

Horsing Around: Horse Accidentally Glued To Phone Case Results In Best Photobombs

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graduating obedience class at the bottom of the class. . .

accident angry biting excuse FAIL mail mailman miniature pinscher police retrieval retrieving upset whoops - 4515338752
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Better Leave a Terrific Tip

accident Starbucks caption funny - 8558873856
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accident antlers before caption captioned change changed elk life moments pain sneeze - 4489025024
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Hammies Are Friends, NOT Food!

accident acting like animals afraid cheerios Command confused confusion dwarf hamster hamster name order pun shouting spoon stop warning - 4673253376
By Unknown

Puppy Steps

puppy accident dog shaming - 8396775680
Via danilll

The Wet Spot That Trumps All Other Wet Spots

beer accident - 8320874752
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Just Want You To Be Prepared For Those Puddles, Pooch!

accident toilet paper funny - 8299134464
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accident cars elephants Video safari - 62197505

I Hope They Paid Extra for Insurance

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He Shouldn't Have Been Standing There...

accident claws Cats funny - 8180289024
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Why Aren't You Landing on Your Feet Like Us?

kitten accident Cats funny fall - 8175372288
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I Trot it Would be Safe...

accident note to self pee horses - 8034423552
By Unknown

Well, What Did You Expect to Happen? Me to Develop the Next Great App?

ipad whoops accident shame - 8001190144
By Unknown
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