Pet Birbs In All Their Goofy Glory (Videos)

We woke up this morning feeling a need for an extra pep in our step. These chirpy birbs filled that need completely. There's nothing like a little chirpiness in the mornings to leave you feeling refreshed and recharged! And what better way to add a little chirp to your step than with a goofy birb video dump. These awdorable birbs literally sing to us. How many people can say that they got sung to this morning? Hint, not a lot.

Recently, birds have totally captured our attention and interest. We've done pieces about parrots, the national bird of Kenya, along with our usual bird memes and humor. And yet our thirst for bird knowledge and content has not been quenched! This dudes literally speak to us in different cool accents. Birb power for the win.



13 videos and images of birds | thumbnail left bird looking in mirror, thumbnail left bird next to onion
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