I Can Has Cheezburger?


1 photo of grumpy cat, 9 list photos of reddit comments about that cat's accent | thumbnail features two side by side images with text below "settle an argument between my fiancé and me. If our cat was human what accent does our cat have?" left image is of cat from reddit, right side image is Sean Connery as James Bond

Couple Can’t Decide Their Cat’s Accent, Redditers Respond With Internet Gold

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viral tweets and tiktok videos of parrots and other birds talking | thumbnail includes two tweets 'Font - BIG BR @BabyRayy_ I don't think people are concerned enough about why parrots can talk?? 12:59 PM · May 1, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 51.6K Retweets 4,532 Quote Tweets 366K Likes' and 'Person - BIG BR @BabyRayy_ Replying BabyRayy_ Like whole parrot has testified court and were just like yeah they do sometimes 2:04 PM May 1, 2021 Twitter iPhone 1,253 Retweets 171 Quote Tweets 23K Likes''

Viral Tweets: Videos Of Parrots Talking In Different Accents

Amazing, mildly terrifying, and hilarious.
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southern accent cat video

Cat Sounds Like He's Saying "Well, Hi" In Thick Southern Accent

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Canadian Geese, eh?

accent canadian geese polite - 6508268544
See all captions Created by penelopesdad

Vennec Vox

accent evil fennec fox german smile talk villain - 6095335424
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Oh You Fanseal, Huh?

accent fabulous fancy seal - 5985913600
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Imagine With A Russian Accent

accent cat dead food gift mouse present russia - 6012900864
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