I Can Has Cheezburger?


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This Precious Dreaming Wombat Will Make You Wish You Had Time for a Nap

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The Oldest Wombat in Captivity is Basically a Giant, Smiling Teddy Bear

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Go On, I've Got Plenty Of Other Things To Get To Today

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Forget Leaves, I'm Goin' Out For a Donut!

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Ruby the Wombat Uses the Doggie Door

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That it is Little Dude, That it is

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An Orphaned Joey and Baby Wombat Cuddle Up Together

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Highway to The Dangerzone

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Have a Bottle and Celebrate Wombat Day!

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This Orphaned Wombat Loves His Keeper

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Don't Worry, Chances are Slim

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baby wombat photoshop battle

Photoshop Battle of the Day: The Happy Baby Wombat

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The Newly Most Dangerous Animal of the Outback

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This Baby Kangaroo And Wombat Are Best Friends

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Wombat Love

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Incoming Baby Wombat

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