I Can Has Cheezburger?


twitter thread about crows surrounding Walmart | thumbnail includes a picture of hundreds of crows next to a Walmart and two tweets 'Sky - xolaris ... @sashasdagger WHAT THE FUCK R ALL THESE MFS DOING AT WALMART??? Walmart*' and 'Font - Arty the Goth BunBoi @SuperiorArtemis Replying to @sashasdagger Judging by the amount of them, I can safely say someone must've dropped a fry on the floor 12:04 AM - Jan 7, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone 9 Retweets 1,114 Likes'

Twitter Thread: Hundreds Of Crows Surround Walmart, The Internet Reacts As Expected

Someone must have dropped a french fry on the floor.
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wholesome heartwarming geese shopping eggs facebook Walmart - 8206341

Walmart Shopper Shares a Heartwarming Post About a Family Of Geese Living In The Shop's Parking Lot

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people of walmart strange and unusual

20 Times People Of Walmart Came Shopping With Their Pets And Left Us Speechless

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Zack Gets Excited for Car Rides

Cats car ride Walmart - 8350471168
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