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a list of photos from a nature reserve with snow leopards in Kyrgyzstan | thumbnail includes two photos from the nature reserve of snow leopards

A Snow Leopard- Filled Nature Reserve In Kyrgyzstan: World Of Animals

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12 reddit text images aita for turning away guests after they arrive with dogs | thumbnail blue background with text "AITA for turning away guests who flew in for Christmas because they didn’t tell me they’d be bringing a dog? I told him I didn’t think “whole family” implied he was flying the pets down with him and I was sorry but I couldn’t have them in the house."

Man Invites Friend's Family For Holidays, Turns Them Away When They Arrive With Two Dogs

Holiday szn is winding down but the drama keeps coming
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an article about an animal sanctuary where you can hug cows in California | thumbnail includes text saying 'Get an adorable cow hug at  The Gentle Barn sanctuary in '

World Of Animals: The Sanctuary Where You Can Hug A Cow

A Pawsome Place To Visit!
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an article inside a tarsier sanctuary in the Philippines | thumbnail includes two photos of tarsiers and the text 'What is a Tarsier?'

Inside A Tarsier Sanctuary In The Philippines

Tarsier Time!
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an article about the outer Hebrides and the animals there  | thumbnail includes a scenic photo of the outer Hebrides with text 'The Outer Hebrides'

World Of Animals: A Peek Into A Remote Scottish Island Filled With Wildlife

Sheep on the beach!
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article about a cat sanctuary in Hawaii | thumbnail includes two photos of the sanctuary, one in the daytime and one at the nighttime

World Of Animals: Inside A Hawaiian Cat Sanctuary

Kitty Pur-adise!
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article about a hot spring resort full of monkeys in Japan | thumbnail includes text saying 'These Monkeys Love The Warm Water'

World Of Animals: Inside The Park Where Monkeys Bathe In Hot Springs

The Legendary Snow Monkey Park.
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video of herd of sheep through streets of madrid | thumbnail image of herd of sheep in city

Herd Of Sheep Take Over Streets Of Madrid In Annual Herding Event (Video)

Herding in the right direction
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article about a national park in argentina | thumbnail includes two photos of the park, one of a giant anteater, and one of a line of capybaras

World Of Animals: Inside A National Park Full Of Capybaras And Giant Otters

Ever seen a Rhea bird?
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article about a cat sanctuary in Rome | thumbnail includes two photos of cats sunning themselves in the cat sanctuary

World Of Animals: Explore A Cat Sanctuary In The Ruins Of Ancient Rome

Get excited!
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11 images and text tiny chihuahua found in suitcase of owners facebook story | thumbnail left tiny chihuahua being lifted out of suitcase by airline worker, thumbnail left man and airline worker lifting tiny chihuahua out of suitcase, text facebook post "Jared Owens is with Kristi Owens. September 26 at 10:13 PM · You know it's going to be an epic trip to Vegas when you get to the airport to check your bags..6lbs over weight, and out pops a chihuahua from your boot!! "

Couple Opens Overweight Luggage At Airport And Discover Their Chihuahua Inside

Surprise! Did you think you were going somewhere without Icky?
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article about a rabbit island in Japan | thumbnail includes text saying 'This island is overrun with rabbits'

World Of Animals: Inside A Secret Japanese Rabbit Island

Nothing but bunnies.
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an article about the cat village of Houtong in Taiwan | thumbnail includes a cat sitting on a shelf in a Taiwanese store, and a cat perched on a stone wall outside.

Exquisite Images From A Real Life Cat Village In Taiwan

This incredible cat village is truly a joy to see.
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collection of photos of cats in in Istanbul turkey | thumbnail includes two photos of cats in Istanbul turkey. One is sitting in the Hagia Sofia, one is sitting near some architectural ruins.

12 Photos From The City Of Cats: Istanbul

Here at ICanHasCheezburger, we want to be wherever the cats are . We've written before about the cat beach in Sardinia, Italy , where a couple run a sanctuary for cats, ensuring that they're spayed or neutered and vaccinated. We've also written about a man who built a kitty theme park for his 22 rescue cats , turning his home into a cat-friendly paradise full of climbing structures, hideaways, and kitty cubbies. However, in all of this reporting, we've neglected to talk about an interesting hot…
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12 images of cats in suitcases | thumbnail left cat in bag with text "only pack the essentials," thumbnail right alert cat sitting in suitcase

Jet Setting Felines Ready For Take Off

Cats In Suitcases: The Ultimate Travel Buddies
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pictures of cats in carrier bags | thumbnail includes two pictures of cats in see through carrier bags

Cat Enjoying Trips Outside From The Safety Of Their Travel Bags

A purrfect way to enjoy the outside world.
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