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At a temple, in Bangkok, Thailand, one cat decided to test a monk's patience when it crawled onto his lap during a five-hour-long prayer. The saffron-robed monk gently tried to push the cat away, but the cat had already chosen him. 

The cat kneaded the monks shoulder and blocked his view to his scripture book. Eventually, he gave in and decided to pet the cat. 

"I was trying to read the book. But I was more focused on the cat," said the 25-year-monk, who uses the monastic name Luang Pi Komkrit Taechachoto. 

Nophayong Sookphan, who took the video, said the cat jumped up on stage and onto the monks lap 15 minutes to midnight, and wouldn't leave until after the countdown to New Year's Day.

The video originally posted on public Facebook group called "Cats' Slaves" but was soon reposted and shared on various sites. It has since gained roughly around 300,000 views.

Story via The New York Times