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Cat Stares And Their Meaning (Video)

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Staring Cats Video - 94813441

Meet The Cat Who Stares When He's Hungry

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Staring adopted cat videos mom Cats Video - 93386241

5 Amazing Cat Inventions You Must See

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guys Staring contest Cats Video - 90138881

Who Will Win This Staring Contest Of Kittens Vs. Though Guys

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focus timo Staring Cats Video - 85334785

No Matter What, Timo Keeps His Eyes on the Prize

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Raccoona Matata

baby begging Hall of Fame pun puppy eyes raccoon request Staring - 5357233408
By Unknown

Udderly Amazing

cow moo moving ocean puns Staring water - 6253996800
See all captions By Razuli

It's Easier To Just Surrender to Those Eyes

eyes gaze gazing hypnotic hypnotized red panda Staring - 4636510464
By Unknown

I'm Hoping for Good Mews

Staring puns Cats - 8457285120
See all captions By JimPrice

The King of Staring Contests has Met his Match

Staring mirror Cats - 8445708544
See all captions By echeg5

Colorful Crunchy Shell. Chewy Middle.

WoW Staring bears nope waterfall fish - 6930808832
See all captions By jennybookseller

Don't be Lookin' at my Noms!

lions Staring - 8284828416
Via Pleated Jeans

I Can do This All Day

Staring funny - 8221662464
Via socialdogfriend

Your Breath Smells Like Corn

corn Staring creepy gerbils - 7830288896
By AngelAndz (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Wait for It...

Funny dog picture and meme of a bunch of dogs staring at someone who is eating something.
By Unknown

Bored Much?

Staring bored wall funny weird - 7722806016
By Unknown
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