I Can Has Cheezburger?


Black Friday

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Mutual Attraction

gifs Spock Star Trek Cats - 8561608960
By Philippa2

You Have Been - And Shall Always Be - Our Friend

goodbye Spock - 8454042624
By Unknown

Classic LOLcat

basement cat Cats classic classics logic Spock Star Trek - 6478987264
By Unknown

Classic LOLcat

classic classics hand live long and prosper paw Spock Star Trek - 6414446336
By Unknown


captions Cats door friend live long and prosper Movie reference Spock Star Trek - 6429854208
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Animal Gifs: No, Kitten Spock! Don't Be a Hero!!

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By Unknown

I fink am lagical

cat Hall of Fame lolcat paw sci fi space Spock Star Trek wave - 6075430400
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Have You Tried Your Birthday and Favorite Color?

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Spock and Kitteh

cat pet Spock Star Trek - 5680499968
By Unknown

Live nine lives

caption captioned cat live lives screen Spock Star Trek - 5561906688
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Live Long

best of the week caption captioned goat Hall of Fame live long sign Spock Star Trek - 5289048832
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Gonna Need You to Slip That Top Off, Buddy...

actors Leonard Nimoy roflrazzi sci fi Spock Star Trek titanic - 5046824960
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Vulkan Kitteh

caption captioned cat catchphrase illogical lynx quote Spock Star Trek Vulcan - 3455167488
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