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Four TikTok videos where cat people compose lyrics to melodies about their cats and their flaws | Thumbnail includes three screenshots of an orange with white cat sitting looking at the camera and to different directions 'TikTok @beautynthebean he has no neck just he has a head HUIS that goes right toes to'

Boost Of Serotonin: Cat People Compose Lyrics About Their Slightly Flawed Cats

Purrfect no matter what
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a song about a cat enjoying catnip | thumbnail includes a woman named Tracy with her pet cat singing

The Catnip Song (Video)

An I Can Has Original
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an original song about cat food | thumbnail includes a photo of Tracy singing with her pet cat

The Cat Food Pate Song (Video)

The ultimate picky eaters!
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aww Songs adorable youtube song kitten kitty Cats original - 107772673

The Crazy Cat Song (Video)

Does your cat act like this?
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A hilarious twitter thread about Taylor swift album covers recreated as cat photos | thumbnail includes a before and after photo with text 'Speak Meow'

Cats Recreating Taylor Swift Album Covers: A Side-Splitting Twitter Thread

Speak Meow
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article about a musician who writes songs using music samples from viral videos, cat videos | thumbnail includes a photo of the songwriter Meredith Bull with her cat, and another of her singing

Artist Creates Amazing Songs Using Viral Cat Videos

Something about cats really inspires creativity. Purrhaps it's the awwdorable shenanigans that cats get into all the time, or perhaps it's how wholesome and adorable cats are all the time, all we know if that our feline friends certainly provide a lot of inspiration all the time. For singer and musician Meredith Bull , a big cat-alyst to her musical career has been the inspiration she's gotten from viral animal videos on the internet. Meredith uses audio from viral videos and tiktoks, remixes i…
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a song about cats being hooligans and not taking the blame thumbnail includes a picture of a girl holding a guitar and a ginger cat in the background

Kitten Shenanigans Song: it wasn't me

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Songs christmas Cats - 7386885

4 Christmas Playlists Your Pet Would Download If They Had a Music App

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cute cat | grumpy cat

Grumpy Cat Has The Perfect Chorus Ending For Every Song

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Songs queen borked Video - 84815105

Gabe the Dog Presents: Don't Bork Me Now

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Songs christmas singing cute hamster Cats Video - 67414273

Listen To These Animals of YouTube Sing 'Up On The Housetop'

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Go Play With The Deer & The Antelope, Would Ya?

Songs buffalo funny - 8288121344
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Who Likes This Version Better?

Songs cute Cats funny - 8270220544
See all captions Created by furrgetmenot

A Happy Father and Son Reunion

walruses dads Songs mythbusters myths puns multipanel - 6662486784
Via Pleated Jeans

Manatees Hate This Song

cute manatees funny Songs - 8139734272
See all captions Created by salterjm

Everything on This Bus Goes Woof, Woof, Woof...

costume Songs school bus funny - 8135580160
See all captions Created by olmatuck
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