I Can Has Cheezburger?


Sad cute hedgehogs Video litter rescue - 60019201

This Little Hedgehog is Rescued from a Discarded Milkshake Cup

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Photo of the Day: Giraffe Kisses Terminally Ill Caretaker Goodbye

animals cancer photos giraffes Sad zoo - 8116012800
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Maybe it Was the Delivery... Nope

Sad Cats - 8111648512
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I Can Fit, Can't I?

Sad Travel - 8106442752
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It Hurts Me When You Leave

Sad puns Cats funny - 8094891264
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Bearly Refreshed

Sad polar bears coke funny - 8090512128
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Um...I Can't Really Drink Your Tears...

crying funny Sad thirsty - 8079710464
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Fishy-Toy Will be Missed

Sad toys fire Cats - 8063692288
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You and Me Both, Brother

Sad cute mondays - 7828909312
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Now I Go Eat Worms

Sad kitten cute Cats - 8031840512
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The Tile Floor is Disappointed with You...

funny floor Sad - 8023796480
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Stealthy Cat is a Little Too Stealthy

Cats lost funny Sad signs stealth - 8015803392
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Can You Give Me a Hug?

cute hug puppies Sad - 7970355968
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Not Just Man's Best Friend

cute deployed Sad military veteran - 7957511680
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I Fits...See?

cute Sad Travel - 7926360064
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You Know What They say Just as Well as I do...

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