Capybaras Covered In Moss Take Over Twitter (Viral Tweets)

A new capybara has just dropped! Well, sort of. They're just regular adorable capybaras covered in moss, but... twitter doesn't know that. And twitter has fallen for the joke - in mass numbers. 

A tweet with a video of capybaras covered in moss went viral, with someone going as far as to give these cool-looking capybaras a whole new name, and twitter is so in love with capybaras and how awesome and friendly they are, that they instantly started sharing this "new" capybara species. In reality though, them being regular capybaras doesn't make them any less cool. But... it sure is amusing to see twitter users fall for this epic capybara prank. 

viral tweets about moss covered capybaras thumbnail includes a picture of capybaras covered in moss and one tweet 'The recently discovered new species: the green Capybara'
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