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a story about a woman who wants her boyfriend to get over his pet cat dying | thumbnail includes text saying '

Woman Thinks Her Boyfriend Needs To Get Over His Cat Being Put Down: Reddit Thread

Pets Are Important Too
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12 reddit text images | thumbnail background blue small dog bottom right corner text "She didn't have a "big" personality. Her skin was hanging off her very boney frame and her skin was bad. She's missing bits of her ears and was covered in scabs from fights. She was scared and sat in the back of the kennel nervously shaking. I brought her home for that reason. So many people rescue dogs under the premise of what the dog can do for them, but it should also be about what you can do for the dog."

Wholesome Tails Of Rescue Doggos Enjoying A Second Chance At Life

It ain't easy, but it is rewarding
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a woman threatens to move out of her mom's house if she doesn't get rid of her pet cat | thumbnail includes text saying 'My half sister wanted a cat and her dad got her one. I made it very clear from the first day that I didn't want a cat and that I would not help with it or do anything for it.  This cat is a demon. He sneaks into my room and shits in my hamper all the damn time. He has also peed on my rug so many times that I had to throw it out. '

Daughter Wants Mom To Get Rid Of Cat, Spins Questionable Web Of Lies

The cat did what?
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a collection of posts about cats | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat and one Reddit post 'I’ve been misgendering my cat for 10 years. I got her when i was 12 years old and she was fixed when i got her so i was never able to confirm her gender. I took her to the vet for chronic vomiting and had some blood work done. Turns out SHE has been a HE ALL ALONG. omg. u/Efficient-Rice-3659'

Cat Medley: Cuteness Galore, Funnies, Rescues, And Appreciation

The best kitty cats.
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pics of the cutest animals of the week | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat and a dog looking at a human baby 'Favorite pic of Strider (dog) and Smulder (cat) taken the day my daughter came home.'

Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute Animals (#171)

Too. much. cuteness.
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12 text images from reddit strangers comments on dogs | thumbnail blue background with reddit text foreground

Funny Or Odd Things Strangers Say Because Of Your Dog: Reddit Users Discussion

Funny and odd
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12 reddit text images aita telling family that they cannot rename dog | thumbnail blue background, right corner german shephard animation, text "that that dog already has a name that was given to him by his owner and they should respect that. Pluse all his legal papers are under the name Willy but I was surprised when they said they took care of that legally...like how... I told them they had no permission from to rename the dog point blank period. but they argued that willy is theirs now"

Unreasonable Man Re-Homes Dog, Flips Out When He Discovers Dog's Name Will Be Changed

Not a good look
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a man makes it his mission to win over his roommate's pet cat and become the 'favorite' | thumbnail includes text saying 'I decided instead of ignoring her, I would shower her with love. My plan was simple, to steal her love. I started by giving her treats and slowly getting closer to her. And wouldn’t you know it, it worked. As I am typing this she is sitting right besides me.'

Man Gets Revenge On Roommate By Becoming His Pet Cat's Favorite Person

A dish best served with cuddles.
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12 reddit text images, tell me you love your dog without telling me you love your dog | thumbnail blue background, dog peeing graphic right corner bottom, text "Stood outside in close to zero temperatures to collect his urine (vet request). Crouched below the dog with a basin to catch it and then had to kneel on the sidewalk with a syringe to get it into a vial. All of this accomplished on a sidewalk in front of my building. If that isn't love for your dog, I don't know what is!"

Reddit Thread: Dog Owners List Off All Heartwarming Reasons They Love Their Pooches

Wholesome goodness
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11 reddit text based images instances of dogs building trust with humans | thumbnail light blue background text " She woke me up at 3am screaming. I thought she was hurt, so I ran her outside and she peed. I've had her less than a year and her previous owners abused her so bad that she lost control of her bladder. The vets said nothing physical was wrong with her, so they told me it was probably a behavioral thing after so much abuse. I kept her in a diaper and she just peed constantly"

Heartwarming Instances Of Rescue Dogs Building Trust With Their Humans: Reddit Thread

Truly heartwarming
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a woman is asked to lean into being a dog mom and refuses | thumbnail includes text saying 'I don't want to do this. I love my dog, but he isn't a kid, and I cringe when Simon describes me as my dog's mom. I don't want to give my (allergic, has not met my dog!) mom a calendar of my dog. How do I tell him to stop it, without hurting his feelings too bad?'

Woman Pressured By Family To Treat Dog Like Child Refuses: Reddit Family Feud

Fur baby or just a pet?
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stories of people breaking up with their a-hole partners instead of ditching their pets | thumbnail includes text saying ' I remember him saying my diabetic cat needed to go so he could get a dog. We weren't even living together. I looked him dead in the eyes and said. "My cat will outlive this relationship" considering she was really sick at the time he said it was unlikely and stormed off. We broke up 6 years ago and my cat is still going strong.'

People Who Chose Their Pets Over Their Exes Recount What Happened

Dogs Before Dates
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a couple argue over whether the money they spend on 4 pets is an appropriate amount | thumbnail includes text saying '

Woman Spends 1600 Dollars A Month On Her Pets: Fiance Tells Her She Needs To Cut Back

Who's the asshole here?
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12 reddit text images mistakes people made with dogs } thumbnail blue background text "I went out to pick up some delicious Indian takeout last night, and took my dog along because he loves car rides.hen we got home, I went to do the usual getting out of the car routine: except there was no leash"

Dog Owners Confess Stupid Mistakes They've Made That Somehow Didn't End In Disaster

Confession time, it's all good things worked out
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a story from reddit about a man whose girlfriend refuses to care for her animals, forcing him to leave her | thumbnail includes text saying 'In a recent conflict, I decided I can no longer allow this and said that it's up to her to decide if she wants to live with me and our daughter or rather have all the animals (for whom she doesn't take care of)'

Man Demands His Hoarder Girlfriend Surrender Animals

How far is too far?
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12 reddit images thread dog altercation good boy | thumbnail blue background text "I ran home (note not a runner by any stretch of the imagination), trying to remember where I left my car keys so I could grab them and go out looking for my dog. I finally made it to my building and who's there, sitting on my patio patiently waiting to get back in? The goodest good boy in the whole world. A little extra clingy, but otherwise fine."

Reddit Thread: Good Boy Doggo Waits For Human At Home After Altercation With Bigger Dog

The goodest good boi thread
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