I Can Has Cheezburger?


Yarr... I just be wantin' to sniff yer booty...

booty boxer Pirate sniff sniffing - 5480819712
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Prove It

awesome Badass boxer i has a hotdog Pirate - 5366298368
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you to yung da movies rated arg!

boxer halloween movies Pirate - 5367810048
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ebery day

caption captioned cat costume dressed up hat lyric parody Pirate rick ross song - 5070374144
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Captain Purrbosa

after attack attacking captain caption captioned cat costume day dressed up long nap Pirate stray - 4357164032
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Me, I'm dishonest,

advice costume dressed up explanation Pirate trust whatbreed - 4655518208
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caption captioned cat himalayan jokes leg literalism Pirate pun siamese sick - 4589516544
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basket cyoot kitteh of teh day mouth open Pirate wink - 4603473664
Via Catasters


best of the week chihuahua confused costume dressed up Hall of Fame i has a hotdog mistake phrase Pirate statement threat - 4454558208
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costume cute happy pekingese Pirate question - 4064786432
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'Xcuse meh... I wuz told there wuld be wenches an rums?

caption captioned confused hat kitten misunderstanding Pirate Rum - 3982851584
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costume Pirate spaniel mix - 3673176320
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tell da men we'll start looting and plundering right after i take my nap

costume nap Pirate - 3469134592
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digging labrador Pirate sand treasure - 3415813376
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bulldog costume Pirate sailing - 3174571264
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bacon cocker spaniel curse Pirate share sharing - 3164252672
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