This Adorable Newborn Kitten Photoshoot Is Just Purr-fect

A Canadian family photographer,Jessica M Thomas, took her incredible skills and put a little spin on the original "newborn photoshoot". Instead of a baby, she substituted in a very small, 6 week old kitten. She still continued to do the photoshoot just as she would with a newborn baby. Having the little kitten bundled up in fuzy soft knits and blankets and even shooting her with a very tiny teddy bear. The pictures turned out Purrrrrrrr-Fect! 

"It was so much fun," Thomas told The Post, adding that she hopes to do more kitten shoots in the future. 

We hope so too! Check out her amazing skills!

A very tiny kitten wrapped in a yellow blanket sleeping - cover for a photoshoot of a newborn kitten
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