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There are times when life doesn't bless you with the best set of circumstances, and looking at this awwdorable blind kitten - Valencia - we can see exactly that. Except that, Valencia herself has no idea that she's been dealt a bad hand, we've not even sure that she knows she's blind. Nothing can stop this little furball. She's a survivor, and she has been persevering despite the odds while being cute as a button. 

She is a cat, through and through, and thanks to our incredible friends at Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, she gets to be her beautiful, energetic self in a safe environment in the safest of hands, loved not just by her caretakers but also by the other blind cats around her. And now, she's about to get some love from all of you guys as well!

If you want to go support the important work that Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary are doing, please check out their Facebook page as well as their website. It's only right to support them after they've done so much good for these kitties.