I Can Has Cheezburger?


28 pictures and videos of cats with computers, keyboards, and laying around in their humans' work offices | Thumbnail includes a picture of a fluffy tortie kitten laying on a macbook and a picture of a black cat spreading its legs and paws across a white table with office supplies on it 'Helpful cats around the office'

Weekly Boost Of Serotonin: Bring Your Fluffy Cat To Work Day

Working hard or hardly working?
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A Youtube video about the rescue story of a blind cat named Bruno | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a black and white cat looking at the camera and meowing

Woman Rescues A Blind Cat From The Shelter She Works At And Loves Him Back To Health (Video)

We love a heartwarming rescue story
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4 Tiktok videos of dogs in the office | Thumbnail includes three screenshots of a golden retriever in the office with a cone ' Morning nap, my life as an office dog with no sick leave, contemplate quitting'

A Day In The Life Of An Office Doggo: The Good, The Bad, And Everything In Between

Hardworking queens
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13 reddit text images surrounding discussion of leaving dog at home during work day | thumbnail blue background top left dog with bone graphic text " I am one of those "sitters" for people, and I'm honestly not needed for most of them. Dogs are completely okay with being home alone for long hours, the important thing is that they are exercised properly after, and that it's not a brand new puppy or anything; the dog"

Is It Acceptable To Leave Your Dog Home Alone During The Workday: Reddit Users Weigh In

Let's discuss shall we
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video of llama alpaca mix in office with workers | thumbnail llama in office with text "chinese firm hires llama=alpaca mix to bring joy"

Llama-Alpaca Mix 'Hired' By Office To Bring Joy To Workers: Everyone Falls In Love (video)

Office pet spreads happiness and good vibes
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video of rescued pittbull | thumbnail pittbull being pat by man

Woman Takes Rescue Pittie To Work And Entire Office Falls In Love

Awwdorable Pittie Charms Office
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kitten cats work office aww cute youtube funny lol video

Office Cats Distracts Employees With Cuteness (Video)

Yes. Please.
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doggy dogcare funny wholesome dogs lol doggo aww | u/SwarmTendon 3 days ago 12 This isn't dog daycare at all XXXL tl;dr at bottom while back working an office allowed dogs an open floor plan and since customers never came into office kept dogs food and water bowls right by front door just because most convenient space and no one else would see them but us who worked there six us who worked main office area only one who didn't have dog (no pets policy at apartment) and always felt horribly left

Woman Mistakes Office For A Doggy Daycare (Wholesome Story)

Heckin' wholesome
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funny cat comics | the oatmeal Look, can PLEASE just let move cubicle another part building? They keep leaving dead birds under my desk and sometimes they just silently stare at hours and hours and 's making really uncomfortab- oh God they're doing again have go.

When The New Employees At The Office Are Two Naughty Cats (Comics)

Cat comics
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Cute Possum Trapped in an Office | tweet by ff_notes walked into my office and thought someone must have broken in because it looks trashed... and then i saw this little sweetie covering behind my computer

When You Arrive At Work And Find a Cute Possum Trapped in Your Office (Cute Thread)

Cute Possum Trapped in an Office
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life cicada shaun tan art amazing powerful meaning bugs | illustration of a cicada wearing a grey suit and a tie and holding a piece of paper, while surrounded by papers on the floor

Artist Creates Relatable And Eye-Opening Illustrations

Cicada, a beautiful illustration series by the talented Shaun Tan.
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office kittens credit debit

Meet This Office's Finance Department Kitten Sibling Fosters, "Credit & Debit"

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dragon Game of Thrones paper Office UK - 8138757

UK Based Company Constructed a Giant Paper Dragon To Celebrate The Return Of Game Of Thrones

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aww baby panda cute Office sick Video - 95876097

When Your Baby Panda Is Sick And You Bring Him To Work With You

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Office Cats Video monday - 95274241

Just another Monday At Work For Prince Michael The Cat

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adopt shelter cute Office Cats - 7217669

Shelter In Ames, Iowa, Is Letting Offices Adopt An Office Cat To Decrease Stress

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