Mochi, The 'Kitty Frog', Is The Funniest Account On Instagram

Mochi, the 'Kitty Frog' is about to become your new favorite account! Mochi and her brother Choco were adopted at 8-weeks-old when they found abandoned by their mama in a parking lot. Both cats, named after delicious Asian treats, are 3-years-old and currently residing in Portland, Oregan. 

We got an inclusive inside peek at the story behind 'Mochi vs. the Frogs,' and it began sweet and playful. Mochi's hooman told us, "When we went out of town, our friends who were catsitting got the kitties some toys from Ikea. One of those toys was the frog toy. Mochi first started playing fetch with it. She would bring it to our bed and then we would toss it down the stairs, and then she would bring it back to the bed. Then one time we put it on a ledge in the apartment thinking she would play fetch with it but instead, she knocked it over. Then she kept knocking it over wherever we placed it."

Eventually, the stuffed frogs were discontinued by Ikea, so Mochi's pawrents ordered 7 of them from eBay, just in case. Then, last year, Ikea brought them back in stock and they have gathered over 100 toy frogs! "We put about 50 of them in a big bin, and then Mochi started bringing trails of frogs to us every night. When she only had seven frogs, she would sometimes bring 3–4 to our bedroom, but now she sometimes brings up to 30 of them to our bed at night!"

Since then Mochi's hooman has hysterically captured all the moments between Mochi and the toy frogs that haunt her. Watch the shenanigans below! You can follow Mochi and all her toy frogs on Instagram!

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