I Can Has Cheezburger?

i am

Fear me!

cat caption late i am - 8576785152
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You Don't Want to See Me Frown

annoyed smiling happy face angry i am ostritch - 6928025600
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I am

box chicken hat i am pun - 5915128064
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LOLcats: Oh, You Fancy, Huh?

bow tie caption Cats classy fancy i am sir - 5907369472
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i r da sentur

center dressed up hat i am mobile universe - 5885815808
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i r da chozin wun

actually i am kitten nice special - 5885811712
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Iz no longer afraid

afraid alcohol caption captioned cat double meaning drinking getting human i am longer mom no pun - 5654315776
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caption captioned cat costume dinosaur do not want dressed up i am praying tabby - 5397494528
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all caption captioned cat do want drink drinking i am water zen - 5397538816
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iz a wowf

caption captioned guinea pig i am imitation impression wolf - 5487993600
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Of Course I'm A Fish

aquarium bring caption captioned cat correction feed fish friends get i am now of course pretending request - 5284656128
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caption captioned cat cowering difference excuse hiding i am just saying justification kitten not scared scaredy cat - 4204603392
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awake caption captioned cat i am impress me Okay - 4101362688
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