I Can Has Cheezburger?


A TikTok video and 13 comments about a cat that demands her human to open and close the fridge because it gives off a nice breeze | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a cat touching a fridge door and a cat looking into a fridge 'Electric bill: *She's using a lot of energy. The energy:'

Floofy Fur Ball Demands Hooman To Open And Close The Refrigerator Because She Likes The Chilly Breeze

She has life all figured out
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video of an adorable owl that looks like it's melting - thumbnail of melted owl

Adorable Melted Owl (Video)

Adorable feathery mush of cuteness
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foxes watermelon eating video cute aww adorable treats heat summer hot youtube rescue fox video

Foxes Enjoying Watermelon On Hot Day (Video)

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animals summer heat melting hot sun cool down melt cats dogs aww cute | DUCKS WILL MELT AT 90°F (32C) two white ducks plopped down

Summer Heat: Animals Melting (21 Pics)

Stay cool
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ducks ducklings summer watermelon eating cute aww animals youtube video treat heat refreshing

Summer Treats: Ducks Enjoying A Watermelon (Video)

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popsicles animals treats summer hot heat cool down delicious cute aww | cute adorable giraffe licking a block cube of frozen fruit snack hanging from a rope

Summer Cool Down: Animals Enjoying Popsicles

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police rescue cats minivan

Police Rescue 30 Cats From Parked Minivan Sitting In The Hot Sun

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tips Heat pets weather animals - 9323391232
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cats eating ice cream

19 Cats Cooling Off With Some Delicious Ice Cream

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Heat pets cars - 7917317

The New Tesla's "Dog Mode" Feature Will Allow Drivers To Safely Lock Their Pets In The Car

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animal memes

16 Animals Who Are Having Trouble Dealing With The Heat Wave (Memes)

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red panda adorable Heat cold funny panda photos zoo cute heatwave funny - 6099461

Adorable Red Panda Munching On Frozen Treats Will Melt Your Heart

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He's Turning Into A Puppy Puddle!

animals melting hot Heat caption funny - 8580461824
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Wait...So This Isn't the Computer?

Cats cute Heat computer - 7919356416
Created by Unknown

It Hurts so Good!

butt Heat heater Cats funny warm - 7910201856
Created by Unknown
Heat chilling Owl Video - 53254145

Saw Whet Owl Chilling

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