I Can Has Cheezburger?


15 screenshots from a Reddit discussion about a cat going into the tub after his human showers to sit and stare at dripping water | Thumbnail includes a photo of a black cat sitting in a bathtub and watching water drip from the faucet 'Whenever I get out of the shower, he comes in afterwards and just sits there for a bit getting his butt wet. Any idea why? they are calculating gravity Because cat.'

After Every Hooman Shower, Black Cat Gets In The Tub, Sits, Stares, And Wets His Bum A Little

We're sure he has his reasons
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mountain goats gravity crazy animals whoa pics climbing | two goats climbing up a vertical rocky mountain surface cliff cool amazing photograph

Pictures of Mountain Goats Defying Gravity

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animal pics

20 Times Animals Amazed Us By Defying Gravity

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flexible Gravity Cats - 4983045

20 Amazingly Flexible Cats Who Are Laughing In The Face Of Gravity

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National Geographic Scientifically Examines Cats Amazing Ability To Leap

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A Stroke of Brilliant Insight

Funny cat meme of kitten named Newton learning about gravity.
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Happy Happy Joy Joy

boxer crazy Gravity Hall of Fame happy Joy shakeface smiling song upside down - 4443023616
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I Can Has Gravity?

cat Gravity caption - 8750173696
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At Least You Still Know How To Cat, Right?

Gravity caption Cats funny - 8550705920
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Where No Cat has Gone Before

cat Gravity captions - 8543246336
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I'm Not Pugly, I'm Beautiful

Gravity pug wrinkles - 8389625600
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Physics is for the Dogs

Cats Gravity nap sleeping - 8327004416
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How to Trap a Cat in an Anti-Gravity Vortex

gif wtf Gravity funny - 7472011008
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Gravity? I OWN Gravity.

gifs Gravity Cats funny - 8183993856
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I'm Too Good for Gravity

huskies Gravity Cats - 8166204416
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hover puns Gravity orca - 8119665408
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