I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of a dad who said he doesn't like cats hanging out with a kitten | thumbnail includes a man smiling at a kitten who's standing on a scratcher

Dad Who Said 'I Don't Like Cats' Meets A Rescued Kitten And Immediately Falls In Love (Video)

Impossible to resist the cuteness of a kitten.
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twitter thread about a dad building a cat bed out of an old TV | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat sitting in a handmade cat bed and one tweet 'Product - Audrey KS vote NO August 2nd * @biggestweiner My dad bought an old tv and gutted it to turn it into a cat bed ALT 10:27 PM - Jul 16, 2022 - Twitter for Android ALT ALT 47.7K Retweets 2,336 Quote Tweets 498.6K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Wholesome Dad Buys An Old TV And Turns It Into The Purrfect Cat Bed

Just an adorable dad being adorable.
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A Video and 17 screenshots from reddit about a male cat that took on the role of a nursemaid to a kitten he didn't want | Thumbnail includes a male cat pretending to nurse a kitten 'My male cat who two days ago didn't want anything to do with the new kitten has now taken on the role of nursemaid.'

Male Cat Who Wanted Nothing To Do With The New Kitten Takes On The Role Of A Nursemaid

He knew when to step up
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collection of wholesome dog memes sent to us by one of our dads | thumbnail includes two memes including a man photographing a dog 'Photograph - Dad: "Keep that dog away from me." *2 weeks later* Dad: @CLASSICDADMOVES' and a man playing with a dog on a swing 'Vehicle - Dad: “Keep that dog away from me." Also Dad: bdwalkyogu'

Wholesome Dog Memes My Dad Who Fell In Love With Our New Puppy Sent Me This Week

He fell in love and fell in love hard.
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a video about a litter of baby puppies getting rescued | thumbnail includes a photo of the baby puppies being rescued

Mama Doggo Overjoyed To See Puppies Safe

Nothing short of a miracle!
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chimera cat kittens dad instagram aww animals colors beautiful father father's dad | cool photo of a cat with his face split perfectly in half one side black and the other grey and two kittens one fully grey and the other all black

Chimera Cat Dad Welcomes Kittens Of Every Color

So beautiful
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cats chick fatherhood friendship animals aww video youtube cute

Sweet Caring Cat Fathers Baby Chick (Video)

Friendship has no bounds
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baby relationships illustration web comics Father - 6602245

Father Hilariously Illustrates The Special Bond Between His Baby And The Family Dog

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20 ideas for great father's day gifts

20 Cool Gifts Your Father Will Totally Love

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Both a Little Confused...

puppies son Father - 8010777088
Created by Unknown

This Explains a Lot

zebra real answer donkey stripes Father - 6886722304
See all captions Created by Unknown

A Lion and His Cub

lions baby daddy cub squee Father mane - 6578346752
Via Cats and Stuff


puppies puppy eyes golden retriever son bacon Father - 6762936576
See all captions Created by HokieGirl74

You don't want a weird Pinocchio nose, do ya?

pug nose son Father - 6727952128
See all captions Created by DyannLynn

And He Could Be a Real Bear in the Mornings!

baby pun raising polar bear Father - 6672818432
See all captions Created by jennybookseller


daddy captions parent Cats Father - 6736140032
See all captions Created by nutz4cubbies
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