I Can Has Cheezburger?


shih tzu FAIL Video - 67438337

Puppy Fails to Excite Older Dog

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Ungainly in Clothing

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Cheese Balls Results in Sneezes

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Epic Ferret Jump Fail

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slow motion treats FAIL Video - 66322177

Get Over the Hump Today By Watching This Dog Fail To Catch Treats in Slow Motion

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FAIL race food Video - 66282497

This Golden Retriever Knows What the Race is Really About

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Not Even When They Renamed it Otter Gymnastics

FAIL nope otter - 8368695040
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No Quiero Typo Hell

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Stoopy Hoomin

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Just Missed It

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I'm Gonna PLANT this Landing

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Not Very Stable Yet

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The Grace of a Puppy

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Which Bird Is Smarter?

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So You Like Big Dogs, Ey?

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Jeff put on his "casual" face hoping no one would notice he farted.

embarrassing FAIL fart Hall of Fame teeth whatbreed - 2086642432
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