I Can Has Cheezburger?


FAIL vine batteries Cats Video fall - 81149953

When Your Cat Runs out of Batteries

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Beagle Ninja Fail

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FAIL Video - 80912385

Enjoy This Adorable Compilation of Dogs Failing Their Way Through Life

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FAIL vine drones Video - 80897281

Bulldog Snatches a Drone Right out of the Air

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FAIL stuck paper bag Cats Video - 80822785

This Cat Learns the Hard Way That Sometimes Paper Bags Fight Back

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FAIL couch Video - 80357889

Enjoy 6 Glorious Minutes of Dogs vs. Couches Fails

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FAIL struggle water zoo anteater Video - 79733761

The Struggle Is Real for This Anteater That's Trying to Steal Leaves Without Getting Wet

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Jealous Giraffe Interrupts Teen's Prom-Posal

giraffe interrupts prom posal
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FAIL pets Cats Video - 79350273

These Silly Pets Are Just Trying Their Best

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FAIL zoo Video animals - 79122433

Right When You Think You've Got the Perfect Opportunity To Strike...

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chair FAIL food classic Video - 78341121

This is Why Merry-Go-Rounds Don't Have a Buffet

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Never Trust a Stingray to Help You Propose

funny dating image stingray photobombs engagement proposal at aquarium
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Someone's a Baaaaad Student

funny animal image little lamb in math class
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Thiiiiis Close to Catching It

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The Moment You Realize Your Argument Is Weak

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Some Dogs Will Only Love You On Their Terms

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