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tumblr thread about a tug of war game between three professional wrestlers and a lioness | thumbnail includes two pictures including three man holding one side of a rope and a lion holding the other 'ordinaryredtail Follow For anyone wondering, this is amazing enrichment for the animal and a great way to involve guests! The lions aren't forced to play with the rope if they don't want to, and these guys (and anyone else who tries this out) have an awesome close up and hands on experience, all wi'

Tumblr Thread: Tug Of War Between Lioness And 3 Professional Wrestlers

Guess who wins.
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dark side animals photography awesome cool melanistic animal beautiful photos art | adorable white bunny with dark marks around its eyes | person petting a brown owl

Welcome To The Dark Side: Animal Edition

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Badass tiger - 9384538368
Via @jolloffset
rules Badass pets funny animals - 7424517

18 Animals That Are Living Life On The Edge As Bada** Rulebreakers

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Crows Photos

17 Photos That Prove Crows Don't Really Give a Damn

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Dogs used to be badasses

Badass - 9001597440
Via tykjen

Yo, Wanna Gopher a Ride?

Via Shady_Slim

Rap Cat

Badass cat gifs puppet - 6050834688
Created by ToolBee

But Does It Have Talons Of Steel?

eagle Badass birds - 8477867008
See all captions Created by kenbaker
Badass Cats Video - 69587713

Heard You Were Thinking of Getting a Dog

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Wipe That Squee of Your Face Human

animals Badass puns bunny - 8437078272
See all captions Created by SOWEGA_Jo

Don't Test Me Human

enemy furniture Badass Cats black cat - 8426671616
Via imsozzy

Don't Insult Me Human, Just Drive

animals Badass lizard mirror - 8420669696
See all captions Created by olmatuck

He Gives No Cares

Badass legos - 7599594496
See all captions Created by tobymacboy

Badass Buffalo Anatomy

anatomy Badass buffalo funny - 7622577408
river Badass sports jump Video - 47473921

Someone Sign This Dog Up For Track and Field Immediately

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