I Can Has Cheezburger?


imgur user shares all the progress photos of animals she fostered in 2020 -  thumbnail dog before and after "Ripple went through hell, some freak poured diesel fuel on her and tried to set her on fire. She had extensive chemical burns and needed to wear t-shirts to protect her skin. She healed up BEAUTIFULLY, and all the fur grew back over the scars! She's now living a fabulous life in Vermont backpacking with her person""

Imgur User Reveals Before And After Pics Of The Foster Animals She Cared For In 2020

Further proof that love can transform all
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2020 arts and crafts featuring animals - thumbnail includes two images of tweets of cats | Ella @missellacronin M started knitting my first ever jumper but might just stop here because 's perfect sized cat blanket | Debs @debstergr Knitting's going well

Tweets And Memes All About Art Crafts In 2020 (Pets Edition)

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collection of the 50 best dog memes of 2020 thumbnail includes two memes including one of a dog smirking 'Dog - Humans: dang I need you to self-quarantine for 2 weeks Their dogs: @redgroverredgrover' and another of two people sitting at a table with one of them holding a dog's mouth shut 'Human - Mỹ mom My family saying that quarantine was terrible Me who actually liked it'

2020 Recap: 50 Best Dog Memes Of The Year

The best of the borking best.
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a collection of the 50 best cat memes of 2020 thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat walking with a small cart 'Infrastructure - Government : "Only the head of the family gets to go out and buy groceries" Our head of the family : Eggs, rice and 721 packets of whiskas. Got it.' and another of three cats huddled together 'Small to medium-sized cats - Day 2 of Quarantine: The cats are plotting to kill me...'

Recapping 2020 With The 50 Best Cat Memes

Cat meme purrfection - 2020 style.
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tweets of festive dogs for charity thumbnail includes two pictures including a puppy in a Santa hat and another of a dog outside in the snow surrounded by Christmas decorations 'Merry Floofsmas!''

Dogs Getting Into The Christmas Spirit For Charity

Merry floofers!!!
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thumbnail of two cat memes one of a kitten hugging a human "Social Distancing Antldote" and a kitten with a tiny suitcase "can i quarantine wif you?"

Top 100 Cat Memes Of 2020 (ICHC's Original Lolcats)

I Can Has Cheezburger Original Users Cat Memes
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collection of the most positive animal news stories of 2020 thumbnail includes a smiling man surrounded by dogs and a roaring baby mountain lion | To remind everyone that 2020 wasn't all bad.

Forty Most Positive Animal News Stories Of 2020

To remind everyone that 2020 wasn't ALL bad.
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the top 100 animal memes of the year 2020 - thumbnail of cat looking outside "nastasha, where are you going?" and a dog looking at a monitor screen of sheep "when you're not considered an essential employee and are forced to work from home"

2020 Wrap Up: Best Animal Memes Of The Year (100 Memes)

Best of the best
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most wholesome we rate dog rates of the year - thumbnail of dog holding mask in mouth "this is spencer. he's making sure you don't forget your mask. 14/10 not sure what he'd do if anything happened to you"

Most Wholesome Dog Rates Of 2020 (75 Rates)

2020 wasn't ALL bad
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one hundred of the best dog tweets of the year thumbnail includes one tweet 'Text - Emma smith 000 @Emmasmith77xx So my dog has been so happy that everyone is home for quarantine, that his tail has stopped working, so we went to the vet and the vet said 'he had sprained his tail from excessively wagging it' 12:44 PM - Mar 20, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 135.3K Retweets 8.1K Quote Tweets 1M Likes'

2020 Wrap Up: Best 100 Dog Tweets Of The Year

2020 - the doggo version.
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one hundred of the best cat tweets of 2020 thumbnail includes one tweet including a screenshot of a zoom chat screen that says 'to everyone show cat' and 'Text - 000 Sean Brewster @TheSeanBrewster Today in a Zoom class my professor casually mentioned her cat and one brave student spoke up: From to Everyone: show cat To: Everv one 6:58 AM · Aug 25, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 46.8K Retweets 2.1K Quote Tweets 427.5K Likes'

2020 Wrap Up: Best 100 Cat Tweets Of The Year

the most purrfect of all purrfect cat tweets
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funny blurry pics of animals mid scream - thumbnail includes two blurry images one of a cat and one of a group of owls

Blurry Mid-Scream Animals Pics

If 2020 had a face
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cats who voted this election and wear the "I vomited" sticker - thumbnail of two cats who are wearing the "I vomited" sticker

Proud Cats Who Voted In The Election

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wholesome animal headlines of 2020 - "shelter helps older dogs get adopted by dressing them up as "senior petizens"" "this sanctuary rescues special needs animals and connects them with special needs kids"

2020 Wholesome Animal Stories

2020 wasn't ALL bad
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At this point, we'd believe it

Pretty sure this is the bridge you take to get to 2021.. crocodile alligator blocking the way across a bridge
Via pearlbleau
youtube video of news bloopers of 2020 - thumbnail of cat video bombing a news reel

Working From Home News Bloopers Featuring Animals (Video)

So funny and so cute
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