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Reader Squee: Squeeness of the Lambs

Babies reader squee mama sheep lambs squee - 7126515712
By Sirid B


cuddles goat Interspecies Love sheep smile squee - 4201471488
By tiastia

Baaa... Has anyone seen Mary...?

Babies cute lambs sheep - 8265582336
By beernbiccies

One of the Smallest Lambs in the World Was Just Born at a Park in the UK

one of the smallest lambs in the world was just born at a park in the uk
Via Paradise Park

Interspecies Love: New Herd

Interspecies Love herd adopted deer sheep squee - 6996940544
Via BBC - National Trust

Boing! Boing! Boing!

baby hop lamb mom mothers day sheep - 6100055808
Via Lol Creatures

We Love Spring...and Each Other!

spring nuzzle goats sheep love - 8135369216
Via funny-animals-pics


baby family found lamb new orphan reader squees rescued sheep touching - 4738035456
By LEB79


baby cute lamb sheep - 4237907200
By Carrie

Three Little Sheep

sheep lamb squee - 4237892096
By Unknown


adorable baby lamb name orphan pun reader squees runt sheep squee - 4971778560
By eryn


baby explanation Hall of Fame lamb sheep squee tiny unbearably cute unbearably squee - 4893753088
By Unknown


baby lamb pun sheep song - 4905348864
By Unknown
headbutt sheep Video - 54498561

Sheep Tries to Teach Bull How to Headbutt

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You're Making me Feel Sheepish!

aww cute sheep - 8150787840
Via roompets

Reader Squee: Gentle Barn

reader squee newborns sheep squee - 7012733696
By PunkRockBlue
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