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baby carrot combination eating good idea idea noms perfect rat recipe rodent stick - 4652769024
By Unknown
wholesome tumblr rodent friends cute chill mom animals - 8966405

Wholesome Tumblr Thread Shows That Capybaras Are Both "Friend" and "Mom" Shaped

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Acting Like Animals: Mind Control

acting like animals cat head mouse rodent sitting - 5707519744
Via LLBwwb

Reader Squee: The Troublesome Twosome

degus pet reader squee rodent - 6584663040
By Peeper


acting like animals bad confused hilarious joke laughing lol response rodent what-is-this-animal - 4516732160
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baby mother rodent whatsit whatsit wednesday - 4748527872
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A Proud Find

mouse plant rodent - 4376034816
By sixonefive72

Whatsit: Mysterious Rodent

whatsit guinea pigs rodent squee - 7133209344
Via Bill Hubick

Frosty Vole

bank vole rodent squee - 6273187328
Via Nutmeg66

Popping Up to Say Hello!

cute ears hello peeking rodent tiny what-is-this-animal whiskers - 4806530560
By Unknown

Squee Spree: Albino Squee

albino baby capybara rodent squee spree - 6420531200
Via Zoo Borns

New Species: Feather-tailed Opossum

cute new species opossum rodent - 4245668352
By BradOFarrell

Packing Peanuts

ferret rodent package squee - 6491832832
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excited face Hall of Fame noms rodent rodents shocked surprise - 4666615296
By Unknown

Whatsit: Shrewd Rodent

moss mouse rat rodent tail whatsit wednesday - 6545010944
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Musical Rat

Music rat rodent squee whiskers - 6265798912
By GalderGollum