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baby bunny cuddling glamor hand handheld happy bunday holding preference presentation rabbit soft tiny warm warmth - 5575080192
By Unknown

I Feel Pretty!

bow bunny fact feeling Hall of Fame happy bunday pretty rabbit - 5660330496
Via The Daily Bunny

Bunday: Infinite Loop

Bunday spinning gifs rabbit bunny squee - 6855134208
Via Rurinacci


Ad bunny confused date dating happy bunday lolwut personal pun rabbit reader squees - 5199539968
By Taryn Wichterman

Bunday: Om Nomnomnomnom

bunny chewing close up happy bunday nose omnomnom rabbit whiskers - 6622123264
Via Lovely Lops

Hey, what kind of camera is that?

bunny camera curious examining happy bunday inspecting rabbit reader squees sniffing - 5523163648
By chibunbun

Here Take This

baby bunny hands happy bunday rabbit - 5967941632
Via Animal Blog

Bunday: Goodnight Kiss

Bunday kisses rabbit bunny squee - 6878347264
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Bunday: Hover Bunny

bed bunny happy bunday hop rabbit - 4243575552
By tiastia

Bunday: Super Market

bunny carrot happy bunday lettuce rabbit shopping cart squee - 6566366208
By GalderGollum

Bunday: Winter Camouflage

Bunday camouflage snow winter rabbit bunny squee - 6773143040
Via Ilya Naymushin

Two Buns in the Hand...

Babies baby bunnies bunny Hall of Fame handheld happy bunday palm rabbit rabbits tiny - 5855337216
Via airgunde


bunny invisible rabbit racing star wars - 4536607744
By Unknown
bunny rabbits sticking out their tongues and making a blep expression

Bunnies Blepping Is The Cutest Thing Ever

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Reader Squee: Eager Bunny

Very cute 'squee' worthy picture of an adorable rabbit climbing into the plastic container that has his food because he too eager to wait for it.
By Jacqui

Reader Squees: Freddie Mercurabbit

bunny happy bunday namesake rabbit reader squees - 5722468096
By DarkDragon86
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