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Cute Facebook thread from an elderly woman who finds a stuffed animal on the street and takes it to her home | 11h Found: This little friend couldn't finish his walk and fell asleep on sidewalk on River Mist, beside pond where ducks are fed picked him up and he is enjoying some chocolate chips and water. This retired teacher and Granny will wait until someone picks him up. See 3:47 pm Update! Sweetchool chipe pur mi-sucré te falte aver des inpr | Lost- on River Mist Road, yesterday Is he yours?

Elderly Woman Finds Lost Stuffed Animal In This Adorable Facebook Thread

We all needed this today.
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I'm a Cow...Just Kidding!

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By Unknown
Babies cute kids goats - 62361089

I'm Gonna Cuddle You Whether You Like it or Not!

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A Mini-Mini Goat!

Babies kids goats miniature funny - 8010790400
By Unknown

I Spotted a Baby Goat in my Yard!

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By sixonefive72

He Only Wants Your Love

albino hedgehog kids pet scared - 5878992128
By Unknown
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