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christmas hanukkah holidays - 6866449920
Via YURIKO NAKAO /Landov / Reuters

Holiday Reader Squee: Squee Deer Piggies

christmas reindeer reader squee guinea pigs costume squee holidays - 6879110144
By Xtina

Reader Squee: Santa's Little Helpers

Bunday christmas reader squee pets bunny squee holidays - 6917571840
By Jade

Holiday Reader Squee: Under the Tree

presents reader squee pets christmas tree Cats squee holidays - 6912545280
By cassandraprl

Holiday Reader Squee: Deck the Halls with Piles of Ferrets

reader squee ferrets squee holidays delightful insurance - 6916726528
By Nanci Frazier (Via Sue Aiken)

Holiday Reader Squee: We Wish You a Merry Pig-Mas!

christmas reader squee pets guinea pigs squee santa hat holidays - 6884525056
By Natalie

Holiday Reader Squee: Golden Tamarin Christmas

christmas reader squee christmas tree squee holidays - 4297160448
By Ellen

Holiday Reader Squee: Visiting Santa

Bunday christmas reader squee pets rabbit santa claus bunny squee holidays - 6896914432
By Aphidoidea

Watermelon Tree

christmas tree turtle squee holidays - 6916617472
Via All Creatures

Holiday Reader Squee: Trooper's Xmas tree

christmas reader squee pets christmas tree Cats squee holidays - 6812097792
By paulagrabow

Reader Squee: A Bun and His Bauble

Bunday reader squee pets rabbit bunny squee santa hat holidays - 6912944896
By Beardchopz

Reader Squee: Frosty the Angry Cat

costume reader squee pets Cats squee holidays - 6899519232
By Okami_Hime

Turtle Claus

costume turtle santa claus squee hat holidays - 6901253888
Via Dressed Up Animals

Holiday Reader Squee: Godzilla... Beardie?

reader squee pets godzilla bearded dragon squee holidays - 6916496640
By Cyber-Kabootle

Holiday Reader Squee: Piggies Found Their Presents!

presents reader squee guinea pigs christmas tree squee holidays - 6891706880
By Hartley

Holiday Reader Squee: Merry Christmas!

christmas reader squee pets squee santa hat holidays - 4294714112
By Unknown
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